The Movement #6



Things come to a head in this half-way mark of the series. And the crap hits the fan, as the team faces both internal and external threats.

Internally, Tremor has set Officers Pena and Whittt free, leading Katharsis to label her a traitor and starting a fight which threatens to tear the Sweatshop apart.


Externally, Mouse finds himself fighting alone (well, alongside his army of mice) against the Cornea Killer and The Graveyard Faction, a team of brutal super-powered mercenaries hired by Jason Cannon to come to Coral City and wipe out the Movement. And they are a truly fearsome looking bunch themselves.


Oh yeah, there’s also an exorcism performed in this book. But it makes total sense. And when the issue is over, a stunning revelation about the Cornea Killer is revealed.

This is an admittedly light review, as I really don’t want to reveal too much. The goal of these reviews is to get people to check out this series for themselves. Don’t let the fact that it’s been canceled keep you from trying it. The truth is, by the time it reaches the 12th issue, it wraps up pretty nicely, so it reads as one complete 12-issue maxi-series, and therefor is a satisfying collection (although it leaves the concept open for future stories). I’ve been posting links of where you can easily get the individual comics on Comixology. But for those of you who, unlike me, still prefer to read your comics in print over digital, I’ve included a link at the bottom where you can order the first tradepaperback, which collects these first 6 issues.

I think it’s a great read. I like the bit where, during Katharsis and Tremor’s fight, spectators or “tweeting” details (kids today). Gail Simone accomplishes quite a feat with these series, an diverse cast (that doesn’t feel “forced”) which tackles serious real-world problems of Social Justice without being “preachy.” And still keeping it firmly grounded in a “superhero” world, with just the right amount of super-powered action sequences, all expertly illustrated by Freddie Williams II.

DON’T MAKE THE MISTAKE THAT I DID, check this book out now!

The Movement #6

The Movement Vol. 1: Class Warfare (tradepaperback)

I shall review the second half of this series next weekend.

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