SIGNIFICANT MOTHER episode 3: Who’s Your Daddy?

Written by Erin Cardillo and Richard Keith
Directed by Tripp Reed and John Putch

This episode’s main story is that Lydia (Krista Allen) thinks she’s pregnant, due to the fact that she threw up in Nate’s (Josh Zuckerman) laundry basket (because, despite being an adult who owns his restaurant, Nate still goes to his mother’s house once a week to do his laundry there). She then proceeds to take about 22 home pregnancy tests, all of which come out positive. However, she refuses to accept it until she can see her OB-GYN (guest-star Robert Picardo), and she swears Nate to secrecy, making him promise to not tell Jimmy (Nathaniel Buzolic) until she knows for sure if she is pregnant. The next 20 minutes or so are filled with jokes about pregnancy, menopause, birth control, ejaculation, herpes, and the correct pronunciation of “gynecologist”. The standout being Jimmy explaining why Lydia shouldn’t be pregnant, because his birth control method is the Hokey Pokey (“I put my whole self in, then pulled my whole self out”) which becomes an inspirations for Sam’s (Emma Fitzpatrick) latest Country song.

Despite Nate’s best efforts (which include wearing a headband to cover his eyebrows, because apparently Jimmy tell when Nate is lying by how his eyebrows move), the secret comes out. Not only does Jimmy find out, but so does her estranged husband Harrison (Jonathan Silverman), and the two men end up rushing to the doctor to find the results.


So in the end Lydia’s not pregnant. I guess that’s not much of a spoiler. It’s a bit too early in the series to add the baby trope. We’ll probably have to wait until around Season 3 for that. And yes, I’m betting that there will be a second and third season. This is a nice quirky little show. It may not be the highest of High Concepts, but it’s got a fun and enjoyable cast. Krista Allen of course makes the show. She’s proving to be a brilliantly talented comedic actress. And it helps that she has excellent chemistry with her two leading men, as well as Silverman. Her standout scenes tonight are her opening scenes with Zuckerman, first when preparing to do laundry together, and then when discussing her possible pregnancy, and then near the end when Nate is berating Lydia for letting this happen, giving her a speech about birth control. Also hilarious is the scene where Jimmy and Sam confront Nate about his alleged herpes. And, again, despite all the double-entendres and adult situations, the show never quite crosses the line into “sleazy.” If writers/co-creators Erin Carillo and Richard Keith can keep up this type of quality, CW has a long-time hit on it’s hands.



Significant Mother airs Mondays at 9:30pm on The CW

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