SIGNIFICANT MOTHER episode 8: Home Is Where the Lamp Is

Written by Erin Cardillo & Richard Keith,
Directed by Tripp Reed

Tonight’s episode was another example of what makes Significant Mother such a unique show. It has a premise (man finds out that his mother is now dating his best friend) which lends itself to wacky hi-jinks and a healthy dose of sexual innuendo, and the show certainly gives us plenty of both, but it’s also a show about growing up and adapting to changes in life. There’s Lydia’s (Krista) change from being a married woman who defined herself as a wife and mother to now being her own woman, living life for herself. Jimmy (Nathaniel Buzcolic) has spent his life as a carefree bachelor and pseudo-womanizer, and now he’s adapting to being in his first serious relationship. And of course there’s Nate (Josh Zuckerman), whose world has been drastically changed first by his parent’s separation and now this new development between his mother and his best friend.

Now Nate must come to terms with what he considers to be another drastic change in his life, as Lydia has decided to sell her home, the very home that she raised Nate in. Nate sees this as more than just selling a home, but also in a way it’s selling his childhood. Needless to say, he doesn’t react well to this. Neither does Harrison (Jonathan Silverman), who thinks that Lydia taking this step is a final nail in the coffin of their marriage, which he still refusing to give up on. And when it’s announced that Lydia and Jimmy plan to move in together after the sale, both Nate and Harrison decide to sabotage it, along with the aid of Sam and Atticus (Emma Fitzpatrick and Jay Ali). Hilarity ensues, and for this first time this show ends on a cliffhanger!

This was a true ensemble episode, as the whole cast got some good screen time and characterization. But Zuckerman and Silverman are both the standouts. Zuckerman’s freak-out when Lydia tells him he’s selling the house and then again later when Jimmy tells him that he and Lydia are moving in together are priceless. And, once again, Silverman manages to make to make Harrison feel sympathetic, particularly in a scene where he tries to recreate some special memories in this house with Lydia, in hopes of convincing her to change her mind. Even though we’re rooting for Lydia and Jimmy to make it as a couple, the awesome chemistry that Krista Allen and Jonathan Silverman display in their scenes together almost makes you want them to get back together.

Jerry O’Connell guest-starred as the real estate agent that Lydia hired to sell the couch, and fit right in with the rest of cast. His opening scene with Krista is hilarious, and is another example of how this show manages to get suggestive without crossing the line into being raunchy. Another stand-out guest-star, is show creator/writer Erin Cardillo, playing Lydia’s boss Parker. It’s a small role, but she gives herself some good lines, and holds her own in her one on one scene with Krista.

Now I’m desperate to see how this cliffhanger is resolved (or not?) in next week’s “season finale”, while keeping my fingers crossed for an official renewal for a second season.


Significant Mother airs Mondays at 9:30pm on The CW

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