SIGNIFICANT MOTHER episode 9: Not About Bob

Written by Erin Cardillo & Richard Keith,
Directed by Tripp Reed

So tonight was the season finale, and possible the series finale, of this fun new show which I have come to enjoy. As per last weeks episode…


…Lydia (Krista Allen) announced that Jimmy (Nathanial Buzolic) dumped her, over not being ready to move in with her. This episode dealt with the fallout of that decision. Jimmy goes into a major depression, barely able to move and is unresponsive despite all of Nate’s (Josh Zuckerman) best efforts to cheer him up. Harrison (Jonathan Silverman) actually tries to console Lydia, and assure her that her life isn’t over. As a sign of sincerity he finally signs their divorce papers.

I don’t spoil too much, but over the course of the episode Nate makes a bid realization regarding the nature of his and Jimmy’s friendship, and with the help of a staged intervention involving a fake time machine, he Sam (Emma Fitzpatrick) and Atticus (Jay Ali) finally snap him out of his funk and encourage him to go fight for Lydia who, on her boss’ suggestion, is planning to go out on a date with a man named Bob Babcock (whom is referenced a lot in this episode, but never actually seen), an “age-appropriate man. Will the gang make it time to stop her?!?

Well, okay, I guess it’s too much of spoiler to say that Lydia and Jimmy do get back together. I just won’t say exactly how. But the show leaves things with a slightly new status quo that could easily carry it to another season. Which I really hope it gets. I’ve admitted from the first episode that the primary reason I tuned into this show was for Krista Allen, but this show is not just a star vehicle for her, it’s a true ensemble show, where everybody shines. It’s funny, and bit suggestive at times, without becoming “dirty.” I don’t know what the ratings have been, but I hope it did well enough during this late Summer-Early Fall tryout, and that CW recognizes that it could do even better during the regular season, with a better lead-in than Whose Line Is It Anyway? But this after Jane The Virgin, and it should be even bigger.

Well, all I can do at this point is keep my fingers crossed.


Significant Mother aired Mondays at 9:30pm on The CW

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