Dracula the Unconquered #2

Written by Chris Sims
Drawn by Stephen Downer
Lettered by Josh Krach
Published by Action Age Comics

PREVIOUSLY: Dracula the Unconquered #1

“Captives Of The Catacombs”

Having managed to escape from the Tower of London, but being aware that Varney and his henchmen will still be after them, Dracula takes Thalia to his old Castle, where he has stashed an armory of weapons that he will need to fight them, because his powers have diminished during his imprisonment. Sneaking through a complex serious of tunnels underneath the castle, Dracula and Thalia arrive, only to be confronted by Dracula’s deranged assistant Renfield, who has been faithfully guarding the castle during his master’s absence.

Unfortunately, it appears that the 10 years of solitude has driven Renfield even crazier than usual. And now he thinks, for Dracula’s on good, that it’s best to trap Dracula and keep him in the castle so that he will remain “safe.” So now Dracula has to try to lead Thalia safely through the castle so that he can reclaim it. But that means making it through the multiple elaborate deathtraps that Renfield has installed throughout the castle in the past 10 years.


Chris Sims writes another fun action-packed issue. The banter between Dracula and Thalia is like couple of TV sitcom characters, and Stephen Downers does another great job with the artwork. Downers is given the opportunity to draw lost of sophisticated yet also primitive weaponry, and handles it ably. Another thing I like about this series is that, so far, while each issue ends on a sort of cliffhanger, they still feel as a complete story. I don’t know how long this series is planned, but I’m looking forward to it’s continuation.


Dracula the Unconquered #2

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