Dracula the Unconquered #3

Written by Chris Sims
Drawn by Stephen Downer
Lettered by Josh Krach
Published by Action Age Comics

PREVIOUSLY: Dracula the Unconquered #2

Okay, well, obviously Dracula and Thalia managed to survive and escape from the deathtraps that Renfield set up in the tower at the end of last issue, and this issue begins they are riding on a “steampunk-ish” zepplin/airship, flown by a woman named Captain Mercy Fortune, who dresses like an old sea captain, complete with a sword. The trip seems to be going along rather well until their airship is confronted and attacked by an even larger airship, full of air pirates, lead by Varney.

Dracula leaps into action to confront Barney, but is initially outclassed thanks to Varney extra abilities (particularly his ability to shapeshit into a human-sized bat). The two end up falling into the engine room of the airship. As those two immortal enemies do battle below, Thalia and Captain Fortune take on a horde of invading air pirate above decks, and Thalia once again proves to be a formidable fighter, as is the Captain.

I can’t say much more without spoiling the story, which I don’t want to do, because I think you (yes, YOU) should read it for yourself. But be assured that it is, above all else, fun. It’s a fun story, with natural humor, not an over-the-top “humor series”, and plenty of action, which continues to be drawn wonderfully by Stephen Downer. Once again, the story ends on a cliffhanger, but still manages to stand on its own as a single story, which is very rare for modern comics. And for just $1.99 it’s quite a deal. I give this an A

Dracula the Unconquered #3

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