1 Time Travel Mission: Kill Baby Hitler.

2 My Clone Blames Me For Everything.

3 Flying Cars Are Still Too Dangerous.

4 Dating Profile: Single Cyborg Seeks Same.

5 The Mutant Virus Is Killing Everyone.

6 Mars Won’t Accept Refugees From Earth.

7 Across The Stars, She Patiently Waits. . .

8 Virtual Sex Just Doesn’t Satisfy Me.

9 The Venusians Are Here: Open Fire!

10 The Internet Shut Down. Chaos Ensued.

11 Oh No, The Robots Are Rebelling!

12 Christ Returned…And He Is ANGRY…

13 Being Immortal Gets Boring REALLY Fast.

14 The Galactic War Ended. They Won.

15 Genetic Engineering Has Ruined Professional Sports.

16 The Time Traveler Failed: Hitler Survived.

17 The Satellite Returned. It Wasn’t Alone.

18 Grandpa’s Sick. We Should Reboot Him.

19 With Every Orgasm The Sexbot Rebooted.

20 Reboot Reality. The Whole Universe Crashed.

21 Aliens Really Did Build The Pyramids.

22 The Meteor Hit. Humanity Wiped Out.

23 All Hail Our New Feline Overlords.

24 Let’s Vacation On Saturn This Year.

25 I Think This Starship Is Haunted.

26 The Aliens Want The Pyramids Back…

27 Time Travel Works! Congratulations, President McCain!

28 Teleportation’s Expensive. I’ll Keep Using Uber

29 My Wife’s Clone Is Much Nicer.

30 And Then, One Day, Everything Stopped.

31 The Super Humans Are Getting Restless…

32 The Venusian’s Have Surrendered! We Won!

33 China Bought America. It Was Cheap.

34 Teenage Heroine Rebels Against Oppressive Government.

35 Cocky Space Cadet Saves The Planet.

36 Starship Captain Prevents An Interstellar War.

37 Forbidden Romance Between Martian And Venusian.

38 Artificial Intelligence Attempts To Destroy Humanity.

39 Time Traveler Keeps Making Things Worse.

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