Superman: American Alien #3

Written by Max Landis
Drawn by Joelle Jones
Published by DC Comics

PREVIOUSLY: Superman: American Alien #2

After last issues’ somber tone, Max Landis lightens things up with this issue. Clark is older now (again, no specific age is mention, but he appears to be college-age, at least) and has won a free trip to the Bahamas. Unfortunately, on the way there his small plane crashes in the middle of the Ocean. Both he and his pilot are unharmed and find themselves picked up by a large private yatch where hundreds of rich young people (including Oliver Queen, Sue Dibny, and Victor Zsasz) are celebrating the birthday of Bruce Wayne. The problem is, Bruce Wayne isn’t there, hasn’t attended any of these parties since he was 12, but these people throw the parties anyway, and they all assume that Clark IS Bruce Wayne. And after being clued in to the situation by a beautiful redhead named Minerva, Clark decided to go along with the charade and spends the next couple of days living it like a billionaire playboy.

He also has two apparent first experiences, his first time getting drunk (or at least “tipsy”) off of champagne, and his first time getting laid (with Minerva)!

As Clark mingles with these the wealthy and restless, he makes some observations about income inequality, and also questions his chosen path in the world (he’s currently studying to be a veterinarian). And before the trip is over, we also get one more special guest appearance from another notable DC character, but I won’t spoil that little plot development.

So, like I said, a light-hearted issue, a nice change of pace from the previous one, and definitely makes me feel glad that I have decided to stick with the miniseries (for now). Artist Joelle Jones has a nice clean style that is suitable for this tale. So all in all I am very happy with this issue and give it an A

Superman: American Alien #3

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