“Gamer Girl” VS. “Girl Gamer”


I saw this posted on Facebook the other day. And I thought about what a perfect example it is of the kind of sexist double-standards that women face.

The woman in the above picture: she’s a slut? Okay, first of all, “slut” is such a gendered slur anyway, usually applied to a woman who likes to have sex as much as men do. But why are we supposed to be able to judge this woman’s sexual behavior based on this one picture?

Alright, so it’s a provocative picture, but it’s not obscene or X-rated. And the kind of guys who think it’s cool to call her a “slut” are the same ones who would jump right into bed with her if she asked.

And the woman in the second picture? The one that we’re supposed to want? All I can tell about her from her picture is that she thinks homophobic slurs are acceptable. Sorry, no, I DO NOT WANT That speaks way more to her character than anything in the first woman’s picture does.

Stuff like this shows the kind of garbage that women have to put up with in our society. And, for the record, it was a woman who posted this on Facebook. I hate to say it but, yeah, sometimes you women are your own worst enemies.

But, really, another problem with pictures like this is that it represents the worst of so-called “Geek Culture” and self-proclaimed “Nerds.” Now, y’all know how I feel about those words. But it’s bad enough that people who call themselves geeks and nerds then act like they have the right to determine who else has the right to call themselves one. And, as usual, this mostly affects women, as the accusation of being fake geek girls or fake gamer girls is something only they have to deal with. It’s just stupid.

This is an issue that I’ve seen raised about cosplayers too. Again, pretty much only female cosplayers. Where if a woman goes to a convention dressed in a (heaven forbid) “sexy” character costume, some emotionally stunted fanboys will try to quiz her about how much she does or doesn’t know about the character she’s dressed as, in order to prove if she’s “legit” or not. A good post about one infamous instance of that can be read here: The myth of the fake geek girl

Maybe folks just need to stop superficially judging other folks in genera? Worry about your own life.


  1. I like your post. It is so true, I work at a game (board game, card game and table top warfare) shop in Idaho and sometimes I get guys that treat you like you are dumb and do not know anything and other times like I am a gift from above. Girls are allowed to enjoy games and cosplay with out being a slut or fake. I hear guys all the time say we need more nerdy girls, but when there are guys out there that treat us in the wrong way we tend to hide or stand in the shadow.

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