ROUTE 3 #3

Writer: Robert Jeffrey II
Artist: Sean Damien Hill
Publisher: Terminus Media

Previously: Route 3 #2

This is a bigger than average issue, about 35 pages, and the first half is mostly dialogue. There’s a lot of panels of talking heads, but it’s good and informative, and a credit to writer Robert Jeffrey II that he’s able to write the kind of dialogue that keeps the reader engaged. The man who rescued Sean last issue is named Charles. He convinces Sean to come with him, taking him to a temporary safe house in Tennessee. But different groups, seemingly with competing agendas, are still after Sean. And when the two groups converge on the safe house same time, a gun fight ensues, but Sean it down for the count…or is he?

Although this issue ends on a cliffhanger, it’s referred to as the end of the “first arc” of Route 3. And there are still plenty of mystery left to be revealed. Again, I credit the writer for his portrayal of the lead character. Sean comes off as regular teen who is reacting as best as he can to all of the craziness that has suddenly disrupted his life. A standout is the scene where Sean manifests the power of flight for the first time. And speaking of “Seans”, while I was critical of artist Sean Damien Hill’s work in the beginning, I have found his style to be steadily improving with each issue. The multi-page gun fight in particular gives him the chance to flex his artistic muscles and show what he is capable of.

Route 3 has proven to be a genuinely unique series, which this industry could use more of. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

ROUTE 3 #3

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