Written by Mark Millar
Drawn by Rafael Albuquerque
Published by Image Comics


I have to say that this has been one of Mark Millar’s most enjoyable recent projects. With some inventive use of Anna’s powers, Huck busts the two of them out of the Siberian prison, and then mother and son team up to take down the super-androids and the armed guards, and then prevent Professor Orlov from escaping. Of course I don’t want to spoil everything, but let me just say that the final confrontation with Orlov is pretty darn clever. It’s made clear that Huck is a traditional “good guy” in the mold of classic superheroes, so of course he won’t kill anything. But, through non-violent means, they make sure that they’ll never had to worry about Orlov again. Then Anna moves back home to live with Huck, and help him as he resumes his task of performing one good deed a day for people.

Huck puts up a sign, making it known that he is more than willing to help anyone in need, if they just ask. But it is a little bit unclear how he can just go back to his simple small town life, after the world press was alerted to his abilities. But since this is all part of Mark Millar’s connected Millarworld Universe, perhaps we will see this character pop up again in another title, if not a sequel to this series. Nevertheless, even if this is the last we see of Huck, this 6-issue miniseries is very satisfying as it’s own story. Millar succeeded in writing Huck as simple good-natured man who loves to help people just for the sake of doing it, with no ulterior motives, without it seeming corny or unrealistic. Other people may view Huck as if something is wrong with him, but that says more about them (and society in general). And, once again, I must praise the art of Rafael Albuquerque, whose style has fit the tone of the series perfectly. I can’t imagine anyone else drawing Huck now. And Rafael was just as adept at drawing scenes as varied as a gas station in a Midwest American town as he was drawing the interior of a submarine. That’s the mark of a great artist.

HUCK is a charming, clever, suspenseful and thought-provoking series. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think you will too.



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