Huck #5

huck 5
Written by Mark Millar
Drawn by Rafael Albuquerque
Published by Image Comics


Okay, first of all, though I will try to avoid too much spoiling of this issue, do not ready any further unless you’ve read the first four issues first. Seriously, just stop.


You have been warned.

Okay, so the big PLOT TWIST revealed at the end of last issue was that Tom is not actually Huck’s twin brother. Huck’s mother, Anna, only had Huck. Tom is just some Artificially Intelligent robot who was designed by Professor Orlov, the man who experimented on Anna all those years ago, to track Huck and Anna and down. This makes sense in retrospect, and is one of those things you could imagine should have made Huck suspicious, but it’s also believable that it didn’t, due to Huck’s nature. If Tom was also just an few days old infant when Anna gave him up, how would he have all that information that he told Huck about her last issue? How would he know her name and her old backstory. Would she have told that to the couple she gave him too? Considering that she was hiding, it’s unlikely that she’d do that. Not to mention that even if she had, the couple wouldn’t have believed her, or though to tell Tom when he got old enough. So now it’s obvious that the whole thing was a trap.

So I have to give Millar credit for that one. It’s a shock, but a clever one that was obviously well thought out.

Okay, so I’m not sure how Tom then managed to get Huck and Anna all the way back to Russia, but never mind. Now they’re trapped in a cell, and Orlov is planning to dissect Anna and use Huck to bread a super army which he is secretly planning to use to conquer Russia himself. Until Huck comes up with a rather clever way to escape.

This has been a surprising series, I think it’s one of Millar’s best in his career. The way he writers Huck as a noble hero who just wants to help people in any way that he can is exactly how I wished he had written SUPERIOR. And Rafael Albuquerque has been a pleasant surprise, as his art-syle fits the story perfectly. I’m very much enjoying this book, and both eagerly awaiting and secretly dreading the final issue.


Huck #5

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