Huck #4

huck #4
Written by Mark Millar
Drawn by Rafael Albuquerque
Published by Image Comics


So here it is, The Secret Origin of Huck. Through flashbacks, as told by his newly discovered twin brother Tom, we see how he and Huck’s mother was part of Russia’s experimental superhuman program back in the late 70’s, and how she was impregnated with the hope of breeding the first of thousands of loyal Russian super soldiers. Using her powers of strength, speed, and temporary mind control, she escaped in 1981 and swam to America, where she gave birth to her twins and then split them up, leaving Tom with a couple in North Carolina and leaving Huck at the church in his small town. Now Tom wants Huck to use his telepathic powers to find their mother, whom we saw last issue hiding out as a music teacher in Vermont. Borrowing a truck from a helpful neighbor, Huck and Tom set out on a road trip to meet their long lost mother. But will the family reunion go as hoped. Or will Mark Millar hit us with another one of legendary PLOT TWISTS? All I’ll say is that there is a creative cliffhanger, which I will not be spoiling here, in case you haven’t caught up yet.

This is a good issue. Rafael Albuquerque gets to draw many diverse scenes in this issue, and shows that he’s just as adept at drawing the Siberian ice-land and the bottom of the ocean as he is at drawing the rural American midwest. And Mark Millar continues to write Huck with genuine sincerity. Even as he and Tom are on their road trip, we see a montage of Huck making stops along the way to help various people, from rescuing a baby from a fire to making sure some chickens cross the road safely (seriously). This may be one of his best creator-owned characters yet.


Huck #4

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