Kelsey McCarter, Another Female Pedophile CAUGHT


The wife of a Tennessee high school football coach slept with one of his underage players, according to authorities in Knoxville. Kelsey McCarter, 26, carried on a sexual relationship for nearly a year with a student at South-Doyle High School, according to a seven-count indictment handed down by a grand jury in Knox County. The boy was just a freshman when the sex began in February 2015, and was a sophomore football player by the time the affair was discovered in late December.

McCarter is married to Justin McCarter, who served as an assistant football coach for the Cherokees before resigning in February, according to the Knoxville New Sentinel. He’d also served as an instructional aide since he started at the school in 2008, the newspaper reported.

Kelsey McCarter faces six counts of statutory rape, which included oral and vaginal sex, as well as one count of exploitation of a minor by electronic means.

Oh boy, here we go again. Not that I’m really surprised. Frankly, I could probably post a new story about an adult woman having sex with a teenage boy everyday if I looked. This does seem to happen alot. I just caught this story while looking up some other story and thought it was worth commenting on, due to the ages. If this began when the kid was a freshman, that’s likely 14, and she was 25. I’ve said before that when I hear of cases like this even my first reaction is to wonder if there’s something mentally wrong with the woman because it just seems so crazy to imagine an adult woman attracted to a 14 year old boy. But when the genders are reversed, it’s just easier to automatically think the adult male is a sick pervert. Yes, it’s a double-standard, which I am not immune to. And that includes the fact that my reaction is in large part based on the fact that the adult woman is still young and relatively attractive herself. So she doesn’t fit the image of “creepy old woman,” which makes her motives even more mind-boggling.

And my other immediate thought was that the person I really feel sorry for is the husband. And that’s because of the other double-standard. If the genders were reversed, everyone would sympathize with the wife, the poor woman who’s husband molested a child. But for the husband here, he’s more likely to be mocked, as everyone he knows now knows that his wife cheated on him with a 14 year old boy. Unfairly or not, that’s a kick to the ol’ male ego.

Then again, according to this other article, the boy was living with the couple at the time. Now…that is a little suspect. That could either make it even worse for the man, that his wife was banging this kid right under his own roof with his knowledge, or could it be that he was in on it? Maybe he’s one of those men who likes watching his wife have sex with other males, and they brought this kid into their home for that purpose? Let me be clear, that’s just speculation on my part, I don’t actually know that. It’s mentioned that this case came to light due to pictures of Kelsey McCarter and the young boy having sex. Well, who took those pictures? The story says Justin McCarter was initially investigated in this case, but police have brought no charges against him to date. Also under investigation are the school’s Principal Tim Berry and Assistant Principal Clark Duncan, for alleged failure to report information about this incident.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this case, and will see how it develops.


    • Hello Bob!

      I have looked, but cannot find that detail anywhere. I wondered about that too. The kid’s a football player, from an obviously broken home…yeah, I’m stereotyping, but I wondered if he might be Black? But no articles make note of it. I even checked an article about this case on Brietbart, figuring if the kid was Black this would be the site that would point it out, but they don’t mention race. Someone in the comments makes a crack about Kelsey having “jungle fever” but I don’t know if that person actually knows anything.


      • I’m cracking up cause I did the same exact thing. Too funny. These stories are usually always the same template. Like insert different names aside from them living at the asst coaches house which is very strange to me.

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      • Yeah, that’s what makes this so different, that the man invited these two teenagers to stay with him and his wife. Various reports say he did that because he wanted to mentor them, and help them do better in school and stuff. Which, yeah, is a good intention for a coach, you want him to care about his players, but can’t you do that without moving them in with you and your wife? That’s what makes me suspicious about what went down. And, apparently, when the school principle first found out about this and confronted the coach, the coach claimed that the kid was blackmailing him and his wife. But investigators found now evidence of that.


  1. Yeah. Just sounds fishy to me. You’re exactly right. Can you be a mentor without moving them in? I think the ’16 team had a few sets of brothers.


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