Kelsey McCarter, Another Female Pedophile: UPDATE

(Photo: Michael Patrick/News Sentinel)

So I just logged into my blog and I noticed I had the little “your stats are booming!” notice on the screen. Curious as to what this meant, I checked my stats and see that this post from last May has gotten over 200 new hits today:

Kelsey McCarter, Another Female Pedophile CAUGHT

I’ll admit, I have not followed this case since I posted that, like I’d planned to. The Louisiana Teacher/Student Threesome Sex Scandal that I have been following was more compelling. But I assumed that this new interest most be due to some new news about the case, so I did a search. And sure enough:

Former coach’s wife pleads guilty in South-Doyle High player rape case

Kelsey McCarter, 27, followed by her husband Justin McCarter enters court to plead guilty to all seven counts, including six statutory rape charges Monday, Sep. 25, 2017 ahead of her trial that was set to begin Monday in Knox County Criminal Court. The judge ordered McCarter to return to court on Oct. 30 to surrender.

“She’s very sorry about what happened, she’s sorry she put her family through this,” Doug Trant (her attorney) said. “It’s tough and it will continue to be tough.”

Kelsey McCarter and the 16-year-old sophomore player had sex in her home and in her care over multiple times between Feb. 1, 2015, and Dec. 31, including when she was driving him to his mother’s house to move back in with his family, prosecutors said. She also once sent him a topless video of herself, prosecutors said. The boy’s mother said last year the abuse happened while her son and his older brother were living with the McCarters.

Justin McCarter invited the two brothers to live with him and his wife, offering to mentor the boys after they began having behavioral problems, such as skipping school, the mother said. The brothers lived with the McCarters for about a year, their mother said, and played on the football team while attending South-Doyle High. No abuse has been alleged against the older boy.

As of last year, the boys were living with their mother and attending Fulton High School. Justin McCarter resigned as an instructional aide and assistant football coach for South-Doyle in February 2016.

While it doesn’t say so there, in other articles, it says she was sentenced to three years in prison. Which is a lot less than the 38 years that she could have faced if found guilty in a trial. Under those circumstances, no wonder she took the plea deal.

As an aside, I have to say that I’m not a fan of this particular aspect of the American justice system, where prosecutors will over-charge someone in order to force them to take a plea-deal for much lesser time. A lot of times that can scare innocent people into pleading guilty.

I’m not saying that McCarter is innocent, she clearly isn’t. But if the prosecutors really think her crime is worth 38 years, then why give her the option to only take 3? Isn’t that a huge miscarriage of justice? Or we just have to admit that the 38 year sentencing possibility is way too damn high in the first place. Either way, something’s not right. But I guess that’s another topic.

I see it mentions that her husband, Justin McCarter, is standing by her (we’ll see if that includes waiting for her during the next 3 years). I haven’t seen any mention of the couple having children. But like I said before, the whole arrangement sounded a bit suspect to me. The way he was a coach, and this kid was on his team, and he invited him and his brother to live with them, and then his wife started banging one of them (and the older brother must be wondering “damn, what about me?!?”). I’m sorry, but I can’t help but wonder if this was some kinda kinky fetish fantasy of his, to see his wife with a teenage boy (14 at the time this began)? Because it just seem awfully convenient

For legal reasons, I want to reiterate that I AM NOT SAYING THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED HERE. Just random speculating. The original article said that Mr. McCarter was initially investigated by the police as well, but found no cause for charges to be filed against him. So there.

But still. . .


  1. I never heard of any these cases because there is no public outcry. When I send my son to school no teacher should be making advances to him since it is an abuse of authority to satisfy some dysfunctional mental state on the part of the adult.

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    • That’s the thing, there is public outcry in these case, it’s just that they’re local news stories now. They don’t make the national news like they used to, probably because there is so damn stories like this now. It was a big deal 30 years ago, with stories like Pam Smart and Mary Kay Letourneau because it was so rare. Now there’s a female teacher getting arrested practically every damn week somewhere in America. Who can keep track of them all?


  2. I have to agree. If a man had invited two young girls to live with him and his wife and then slept with the younger one for months. He probably wouldn’t get 3 years. So we get a gendered issue too, whereby they see it as a young boys fantasy, but a young girls hell. Defo, a misjustice.


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