Written by Geoffrey Thorne
Drawn by Khary Randolph
Published by Marvel Comics


Picking up not too long after the previous one left off. Morris is still in the body of Beto, the Latino thug who tried to rip off some Russians gangster last issue, only to get to bullets in the back at the end. Beto’s body is rushed to the E.R. and into surgery, where Morris is able to jump out and possess the body of one of the E.M.T.’s, a man named Kenny who has his own interesting background and skills, which Morris is now privy to. As Kenny, he tries to get the hospital where Morris’ body is still being held, and to reach Pops (whose name is revealed to be Morris in this issue). But Pops has hired a high tech private security firm made up of ex-military men. So getting through them and convincing Pops that he’s Morris are two tough goals to achieve.

This is another thrilling and fast-paced issue, chock-full of action. We get a few more hints into the nature of Morris’ powers, as well as insights into Morris’ character. A popular Marvel hero appears in the form of a couple of flashbacks. And we end with another cliffhanger. One again, the artwork of Khary Randolph makes the story leap of the pages, making this another highly recommendable comic to pick up. I’d grade this another A. Do yourself a favor and get on board this series right now.


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