Written by Geoffrey Thorne
Drawn by Khary Randolph
Published by Marvel Comics


This book just keeps getting better. I have to say that right off the start. It’s getting tougher not spoiling anything, but just trust me, you want to read this.

First, it opens with Kenny, the EMT/Fireman/Former Army Ranger that Morris jumped into last issue. He’s being held and questioned by Pops and the Brand Corp. mercenary security guards that Pops hired for his attempt to break into the hospital last issue. And this right here displays the most effed up side-effect of Morris’ powers, as we he takes over that persons body they have no knowledge of it, and don’t remember anything. This has the potential to seriously screw up innocent people’s lives.

Then again, those rules don’t appear to be set in stone. As Morris exited Kenny and flew back to his secret penthouse he’s surprised to find “Fife” there. That’s the young Black teenager whom Morris first jumped into back in issue #1. It turned out that not only did Fife retain some of Morris’ memories, which included the location of the penthouse and the secret code to disable the lock and alarm, but he can also see and here Morris in his intangible form. So far, he’s the first to be able to do that. Morris wants to use Fife to help him figure out what’s going on and what to do next, but then Tia and her personal assistant/manager C.C. come in. Mistaking Fife for a paparazzi or crazy fan C.C. attacks him. So Morris tries to defuse the situation b y jumping back into Fife’s body only to find out that for some reason he is unable to. he considers but quickly discards the idea of jumping into Tia, because (in the first instance that shows he has some scruples) he doesn’t want to invade her privacy, so he jumps into C.C. And what he ends up learning about her and Tia and Pops, shatters everything Morris thought he knew about his life.

And that’s not even the biggest shock of this issue!

THAT comes in the form of the cliffhanger, when Morris realizes that he needs some major league help and jumps into the body of a very well-known superhero! This is a real Quantum Leap “Oh boy” moment.

I know I probably don’t say enough about the artwork of Khary Randolph, but that’s because I don’t really know what more to say other than: it’s awesome! Because, well, it is awesome. He and Geoff make a heck of a creative team, and they’re both doing some of their best work ever on this series. Buy it! A+



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