Yes, Donald Trump SHOULD Be President.

Don’t look at me like that! Let me explain!

I know I don’t talk about politics all that much here, and the last time I did I predicted that Hillary Clinton would not pick a White male as her running mate. Which she ended up doing, so clearly I’m not all that great a political predictions (I’m also the fellow who said that Barack Obama would not get elected President in the first place).

Anyway, I doubt that anyone who knows me would be unable to guess that I was not a Trump supporter and therefor am not thrilled (to say the least), at the prospect of 4-8 years of living under a Trump Administration. In fact, if you want to know my real feelings on the matter, I think my buddy Geoff Thorne lays it out better than I could HERE.

Seriously, click that link and give it a read. And then click on and read HIS FOLLOW-UP post. I don’t think he’s being over-dramatic or reactionary in the slightest.

Nevertheless, I can’t agree with these calls that I’ve been seeing for the Electoral College to cast their votes today for Hillary Clinton, to stop Trump from being certified as President. I’ve read some very well-reasoned arguments, like THIS and THIS, in favor of this action, but I just have to disagree.

Heck, the best reason for the Electors to do this should be the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a margin of over 2 million. For the second time in my lifetime (the first, of course, being Al Gore, who got around half a million more votes than Geoege W. Bush in 2000), the person whom the majority of American voters actually voted for, is not going to become President. That sucks. And I’m not the only who thinks so, let’s not forget what a certain person said in 2012 when it looked like Mitt Romney might have gotten more actual votes than President Obama (he didn’t):


I agree that the Electoral College should be abolished, I said that 5 years ago, its the first thing I’d do to revamp our political system. Nevertheless, my point is that these are the current rules. It’s how President’s are picked. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (as well as the other independent candidates) ran under these rules. And if Clinton won the Electoral College, even if Trump got the most of the popular vote, then she would rightfully be the next President. You can’t ignore those rules now, just because you don’t like the outcome. The time to do this was in 2000, after Bush “won.” And they should do that now after Trump is sworn in.

But that won’t happen unless the public really demands it, which they didn’t do in 2000, and are unlikely to do so now. If the Democratic Party leadership was smart, they would make this an issue and start campaigning on it. Make that a pledge of what to work on if they retake the House and Senate in 2018. But, until that changes, we have to live with the results. So, for better or worse, Donald Trump will be our President.




What do YOU think?

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