Legendary Rock N’ Roll Icon Mick Jagger, excuse me, I mean SIR Mick Jagger, has recently become a father for the 8th time, when his 29 year old girlfriend Melanie Hamrick gave birth to a boy that they have named Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger.

Sir Mick Jagger turned 73 five months ago.


And he just had a baby.


Hey, father and son can both wear the same brand of diapers!

I’m sorry, that was too easy. But seriously, how can you not mock this situation?


This seems familiar to me…oh yeah, that’s because it was just a year and 6 days ago that I was writing about how Jagger’s fellow Rolling Stone Band member, Ronnie Wood, was about to have twins at the age of 68. And I have the same exact feelings now, which is that I know it’s none of my business, and who am I to judge anyway, blah blah blah, but this is just ridiculous. I don’t care who he is, in my opinion, no 73 year old man has any business bringing a child into this world. But the time this boy is 10, his father will be 83, presuming the father is even still alive. This is not fair to the child, who should have the right to being raised by a healthy and active father. Sir Mick should have wrapped it up or gotten a vasectomy a long time ago.


Cute kid, though…


What do YOU think?

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