Written by Gerry Duggan and Geoffrey Thorne
Drawn by Paco Diaz
Published by Marvel Comics


So, picking up from last issue’s dramatic cliffhanger, Solo is stuck in the middle of the Zoo Family’s desert base, with the undercover agent that he was hired to rescue now dead. What’s a mercenary to do?!?

Well, I’m in a bit of a pickle now because I try my best to avoid major-spoilers in these reviews. And it’s a very clever trick that Solo comes up with (well, actually, his baby mama Cat comes up with it for him) in which he manages to turn two of the leaders in the gang against each other by making each one think the other is an undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. It’s a bold plan, and comes from a somewhat surprising source. This plot keeps the tension amped up throughout the entire issue, right up up to the dramatic end in which Solo shows that he has some smarts after all.

Sorry, that’s all I can say, you really should read it yourself. It’s good.

We also get a bit more info about Solo, in that now I know his last name is Bourne. I still don’t know why Cat has called him Humphrey in the last couple of issues, that must be a nickname. Also he and Cat’s baby is a girl, not a boy as I assumed in issue #1. Altogether, the writing team of Duggan and Thorne, backed by the beautiful illustrations of Paco Diaz, are making Solo an exciting new series. A



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