Written by Gerry Duggan and Geoffrey Thorne
Drawn by Paco Diaz
Published by Marvel Comics


First, I’ll note that Marvel tends to begin every issue of each series with a introduction or “recap” page, telling you who the main character(s) is/are, and what happened in the previous issue. Some old school writers and readers may consider this “lazy,” as back in my childhood it was understood that each issue may be someone’s first, and therefor the story needed to be written in such a way that everything the reader needed to know was revealed in the story itself, not on a recap page. That is certainly a valid argument, but one that is for another time.

I only mention this because this is the first issue of Solo were I actually read that page, I usually just skip over it. It reveals that Solo’s superpower is the ability to teleport. I found that interesting as, up ’til now, I assumed that he was a regular non-powered human, and that the teleportation was due to some high-tech he possessed, along with his other gadgets that provide him with invisibility and the ability to alter his appearance (and the appearance of others).

Well, as this issue begins, with the two rival leaders of the Zoo Family dead, Solo assumes the appearance of one of them, Leo, and convinces the rest of the gang to continue their latest sell of weapons to the supervillain, Egghead. But when they get to the coordinates of the exchange, the rest of the gang reveal that they’re onto his deception and prepare to kill. Solo is confidant though, because he expects S.H.I.E.L.D. to arrive at any minute.

Except it turns out that S.H.I.E.L.D. is at a completely different location, as Dum Dum Dugan personally leads a squad to Egghead’s secret base to take him out for (they believe, based on Solo’s info) killing their secret agent. So now Solo must somehow save himself from the remains of the Zoo Family while Dum Dum and his squad must get through Egghead’s high-tech robot defenses. And what happens when they find out that Egghead may not be the main villain after?!? READ IT TO FIND OUT!

Another great, beautifully-drawn action-packed issue with a dramatic cliffhanger. Definitely worth checking out. A




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