Meanwhile, In Trump’s America. . .


A female friend of mine got the above message on Facebook from this woman, Arlene Brock, whom my friend didn’t know. She posted it because she thought it was funny. She said she didn’t even know who Chris Barker is, she’s added a lot of people over the years. And she looked at the man’s page, and still didn’t even remember adding him or even ever talking to him. Their only common interest appeared to be that they’re fans of the San Francisco 49ers.

Again, she just thought it was funny, because all this message showed was that this woman is insecure, and obviously felt threatened by his being Facebook friends with my friend. Chris could have easily deleted her and my friend wouldn’t have even noticed. So why did SHE feel the need to tell her this? I speculated this was probably Arlene’s whole idea. Notice how she says “u can delete yourself or we will.”

“WE” will?

Why even give my friend the option? Why not just delete her? I think it’s because Chris didn’t know. I think Arlene just went through his friend-list, and wanted to get rid of any attractive friends he had, hoping they’d all just delete him. Hence this message. And make no mistake, this friend is an attractive women (it’s why I added her in the first place). And Chris currently has 4,749 Facebook friends. I can picture Arlene going through the whole list sending similar messages to all the women. How lame.

So, like I said, my friend thought it was funny, and pointless, as Chris isn’t her physical type anyway (she prefers Black men). She wasn’t even going to address Arlene. But apparently Arlene kept checking my friend’s page and saw the discussion and sent her another message:


That really says it all, doesn’t it?



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