Man Harrasses Woman On Facebook, Gets Exposed, Whines Like A Little Baby. . .

NOTE: This will be a long image-heavy post. Only open if you happen to have a fast internet connection.

Cassandra Fox is a professional belly dancer. Back in January a man named Alexandre Chbeir added her on Facebook, and proceeded to send a ton of messages. I post this as a small example of the kind of harassment that I know many women face online. Note how be starts begging/demanding a response, even trying to call her for video chats. And when one is not forthcoming, he gets angry and insulting. Suddenly the women he thought was beautiful becomes “fat and ugly”

Yeah, that’s right. See, Cassandra posted the above screenshots in a post, showing the world what she and other women go through. And Facebook deleted her post.

This shows you how screwed up Facebook’s so-called standards are. I’ve experienced and seen that myself. As over the years I’ve reported several blatantly racist posts and images, including a picture comparing Black people to monkeys, and each time Facebook replies back to me that they’ve reviewed the content and determined that it doesn’t violate their standards. Yet I’ve had various female friend on Facebook get their posts removed, and even get their accounts suspended, because someone reported a picture that they think shows “too much cleavage” or the bare hint of a nipple.

It’s so effed up.

Yeah, Mr. Chbeir can dish it out, but not take it. When another concerned citizen reposted the screenshots of the exchange, he started begging her to remove them.

Yeah, he’s “sorry” he got exposed, not for what he did. Seriously, this guy reeks of male entitlement. You can tell that, as far as he’s concerned, he’s the real victim. Because all Cassandra had to do was answer his perfectly reasonable question about whether or not she finds him physically attractive, and then he would have just left her alone. But she didn’t, so this was all her fault.

I just saw this exchange earlier this evening myself, so I thought it was new. But then when I did some searching, I found that this was from January. And do you think he’s learned his lesson since then? If you thought so, author Clementine Ford publicly shared some screenshots of messages he’d been sending her, I guess complaining because she also shared the original exchange. And it’s all more “poor me” nonsense.

Yes, everyone can see THE TRUTH now, Alexandre Chbeir. You’re VIRAL now. Suck it!

Nevertheless, sadly, when this was posted, there are people actually expressing sympathy for Him. You can see it in the comments HERE

And checking the hashtag of his name on Instagram, brings other gems like:

The blog, Do It Yourself: White Feminist Upgrade has documented other instances of Alexandre harassing women online, including sending unsolicited dick pics, which you can read HERE, with follow-up posts about his antics HERE and HERE

One of my favorite responses he gives is this one:

Keep in mind, this is an example of him defending himself! I mean, all he called her was “bitch and ugly”, other guys have said much worse things to women!

Yeah, he sounds genuinely sorry, doesn’t he?

So, with all of this already documented, why am I posting this. Because crap like this needs to be exposed, as far and wide as possible. And yeah, I’m putting this in my Crime And Punishment category, because this is criminal behavior. If this post can add to the search results for ALEXANDRE CHBEIR, then good. And as I’ve done before, I think when people act horrible publicly, they deserve to be exposed publicly. I’m not blocking out their names or pictures. Eff that. If you don’t want to stand by your words, then think before you post!

Currently, it appears that Alexandre Chbeir has deleted all of his online accounts, at least under his real name. Let’s hope it stays that way.

There is this Facebook page, though: Don’t Be Alexandre Chbeir


  1. I also receive so many inappropriate comments from guys on Facebook that I no longer send friendship requests to guys or participate in the poking feature due to all the suggestive comments I receive regarding the pokes. Also, I have been sent graphic porn.

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  2. I’m glad this has been exposed and he gas been too!! Guys need to stop with the harassment and name calling! I can’t believe that most men are like this these days! Any time I go on a dating app, I get nude pictures without asking and FYI GUYS WE DON’T WANT TO SEE YOUR LITTLE JUNK IN THE FRONT! NOT TO MENTION MEN THINK THEY CAN TREAT ANY WOMAN THE WAY THEY WANT! NOT!!! EXPOSE PLEASE!!!! THESE MEN NEED TO STOP THEIR ENSECURE ABUSE!!! And if the tables were turned, we would be considered, “crazy”. Or labeled as something like a “bitch”. What a shame. This guy is probably gay anyways. Sounds like it lololol


  3. Several feminists in Montreal who filed a complaint for harassment and recently won our case against him. He has pleaded guilty and has been in jail since Feb. 22, awaiting his sentence on March 15th (prosecution asked for 6 months). He will also be tried in Gatineau on March 12th in another case of harrassment I don’t know much about. Here’s the article (in French) that was published today.

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