Which Would You Choose?

This one only took a little thought for me.

I eliminated the first choice immediately.

What’s so great about the moon?

We already know there’s no aliens up there, which would be my only motivation for going.

Plus there’s, y’know, the whole risk of DEATH to get there (and back), so no thanks.

Now, a $2 million mansion would be nice. But, frankly, not very practical for me at the moment. First, I’d want to know if the mansion is fully paid off, no mortgage? Or even if there is a mortgage, are those and all utilities paid for? There’s no point in my moving into a house that I can’t afford to live in.

But even with that all paid, I’d still need to earn a living, meaning keep my current job. And wherever this mansion is located, it’s likely far from where I currently live, which means it’s just increasing my commute to and from work every weekday. Sure, with a place like that I wouldn’t have to worry about parking at my place, and therefor wouldn’t need to use Uber or Lyft anymore, but the extra money I’d be spending on gas would likely be much more expensive (not to mention that extra time spent driving farther). So, no thanks on this one either. At best, I’d only take the mansion if I could immediately sell it, without being taxed too much on it.

Well, I’m a man. So it’s not like clothes are a huge expense for me. Even with an unlimited budget, I’m not a big “label” guy, I’ve never been the type to chase trends and spend tons on the some latest hot brand just because it’s “in.” Wrangler jeans and short-sleeved button -down shirts in the fall, shorts and t-shirts in the winter. One decent-looking suit for weddings and funerals, and I’m good. So free clothes isn’t that appealing, either.

So, c’mon, the choice is obvious!

Damn right. Put me in a movie, with a starring role, opposite Leonardo DiCaprio.

I like Leo, I’ve been a fan of his since The Quick And The Dead. I haven’t seen all of his film, but I’ve enjoyed most of the ones I’ve seen (especially Catch Me If You Can and The Wolf Of Wall Street, two of my all-time favorite films, period). He’s been on a roll for awhile now, most of his films are critical and commercial successes. If my debut film was opposite him, and I at least held my own (and, believe me, I would do the best damn acting job I possibly could), think of the high profile that would grant me! I would do the best I could to take advantage of that, to propel my career forward. If done right, I become a big-time movie star and then I could afford my own $2 million (or more) mansion, and all the clothes I need, so that gives me 3 of these choices in one!

Still wouldn’t go to the moon, though.

What do YOU think?

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