Music, Video Games, or Martial Arts?

Well, this is another rather easy choice. I’ve written before that I’ve never been into video games, so that has no thrill for me.

Mastering ever martial art would be good for personal self-defense, I guess. But since I don’t have the wealth necessary to also become a real life BATMAN, I don’t really see the point.

So playing every musical instrument? Absolutely! I’d be like PRINCE! He could play everything!

Well, okay, I probably wouldn’t be like Prince, as I would still lack the singing and dancing talent. But being able to play every musical instrument would open up a ton of employment opportunities for me. Bands, orchestras, studio session musician. I’d likely be able to make a very good living. So, strictly on a practical level, that is the obvious choice.



  1. If you don’t like video games it probably means you haven’t found the right one. Gotta find someone who can give you a tasting to find what you like without going full nerd about the games. especaially now there’s a whole host of stuff out there that’s not Mario or Halo.

    and because i don’t want to disrespect your stated preferences have you given board games a shot. They’ve grown remarkably in the last few years. Dare I say they’re even more varied than video games and you don’t need electricity for most of them.

    Anyway stay chill dudette. you do you.


    • Just found this comment in my SPAM folder. That’s weird. Don’t know why this comment got flagged as spam while you’re 2nd comment didn’t. Anyway, no, I can’t say that I’ve played any board games in decades, either.


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