I really hate this piece of crap. Seriously, just looking at him almost makes me physically ill.

He’s David Clarke. Since 2002 he’s been the Sheriff of Milwaukee County in Wisconsin.

That’s it. He has no significant accomplishments other than that. Not to knock the work of Sheriffs, I’m just saying that he doesn’t stand out from any of the other millions of Sheriffs in the U.S. He hasn’t caught any national criminals or presided over some dramatic drop in crime or anything. But Republicans love him, and treat him like a national hero. Why? Because he’s willing to use racist rhetoric to attack other Black people.

“Let me tell you why Blacks sell drugs and involve themselves in criminal behavior instead of a more socially acceptable lifestyle—because they’re uneducated, they’re lazy, and they’re morally bankrupt. That’s why.”Sheriff Clarke

That’s all you need to do to become a famous Black Conservative. Doesn’t matter how mediocre your resume is. As long as you’re willing to be a public shield for them, they’ll reward you. That’s what’s happened with Clarke.

That also explains Stacey Dash. She starred in one hit movie over 20 years ago. She’s nobody. But once she identified as a Conservative, the right-wingers treated her like she was the biggest movie star of all time, and therefor her opinions on race were so important.

But Clarke is the worst. He trashes Black people with sadistic glee in his eye. There’s nothing he loves more than standing in front of White right-wing audiences, lapping up their applause, as he tells them everything he thinks is wrong with Black America. Thinking that badge somehow makes him better than the rest of us. FUCK HIM.

Y’know who he reminds me of? Hoppin’ Bob, from the movie LIFE. In that film, originally set in the 1920’s, Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence play a couple of men sent to an all-Black prison camp for a crime they didn’t commit. Brent Jennings plays “Hoppin’ Bob,” the Black man who is head guard of the camp. Hoppin’ Bob seems to love abusing the prisoners including using racial epithets at them, all under the approving and watchful eye of the racist White warden of the camp, played by Nick Cassavetes, whom Bob affectionately calls “Boss.”

That’s David Clarke in a nutshell.

Some of the nonsense he’s spouted of the years is outright baffling.


Obviously, a degree in American History (or even a 6th grade level understanding of American History) is not required to be a Sheriff in Milwaukee…

The reason I’m writing about this FOOL today is this story about something that happened in his jail:

In Sheriff David Clarke’s jail, water kept from mentally ill inmate for 7 days before he died of dehydration
© AP/J. Scott Applewhite David Clarke, Sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wis., speaks at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Just a few hours into Terrill Thomas’ eighth day in solitary confinement at the Milwaukee County Jail last year, correction officers found the 38-year-old man on the ground and not moving. He was dead.

Thomas had spent his final days begging for water, inmates later told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, because jail staff had shut off the flow to the pipes in his cell as punishment for bad behavior. The cause of death was ultimately ruled “profound dehydration” and the medical examiner classified it a homicide — meaning death at the hands of others — an announcement that drew a torrent of rage from Sheriff David Clarke, a tough-talking and loyal President Trump surrogate.

Still, nearly a year later, no criminal charges have been filed in Thomas’ death. But an inquest this week by prosecutors could shed more light on the circumstances of the case, whether someone should be held responsible and if so, who and for what.

The first major court revelation came Monday, when prosecutors told the jury that Thomas had endured seven days without any liquid, lost 35 pounds and grown weak and quiet before he died inside his cell last year, reported the Journal Sentinel.

By the end of the week, Assistant District Attorney Kurt Benkley told jurors they would be asked to answer three questions, according to Fox 6: “What was the cause of Mr. Thomas’ death? Was it the result of criminal activity? And if so, who committed the crime?”

This was Terrill Thomas (of course he’s Black, that’s no doubt why Clarke felt so eager to torture him to death). This mentally ill man was dehydrated to death in Clarke’s jailhouse. No access to any liquid for 7 days. That is a slow and painful death. That is inhumane.

And when asked about it, what was Clarke’s response?

“I have nearly 1000 inmates. I don’t know all their names but is this the guy who was in custody for shooting up the Pottawatomie Casino causing one man to be hit by gunfire while in possession of a firearm by a career convicted felon? The media never reports that in stories about him. If that is him, then at least I know who you are talking about.”

See how did that? Don’t answer the question, just find a way to bring up the dead man’s criminal record, as if that somehow justifies this treatment. Yeah, we get it, he was a criminal (who suffered from bipolar disorder), who was in jail for a crime. That doesn’t give you the right to deny him access to water until he dies! Being a Sheriff is not a license to act as Judge, Jury, and Executioner, you asshole!

This man is a disgrace to law enforcement officers, and decent human beings, everywhere.

On May 2nd, a Grand Jury recommended criminal charges be filed in regards to Terrill Thomas’ death, although not against Clarke himself. As of today, no charges have been filed.


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