Written by Chad Bowers
Drawn by Jim Towe
Colored by Juan Manuel Rodriguez
Lettered by Rus Wooton
Published by Image Comics


This new creative team has really hit the ground running with this Youngblood series, with each issue being more exciting, and informative, than the last. This issue opens with a flashback to when Petra, Dolante, and Doc Rocket recruited Suprema to their new time. My suspicions from last issue about this having something to do with the “revisions” that the Supreme characters are known to go through, as they track her down in Littlehaven, where she has recently re-appeared, with memories of her time in Alan Moore version of Youngblood, even though Doc Rocket has no recollection of her. There’s a big mystery here, which I’m dying to learn more of.

Then we see the BryneTec brothers in action, as we discovered their true nefarious nature last issue. We see them having kidnapped another young superhero who was using their HELP! app. Apparently, this was all a ruse to find super-powered individuals and sell them on the Black market. Then we pick up with Shaft having taken off on his own, on a motorcycle, while being chased by a trio of DieHard attack robots. I don’t think I’ve praised artist Jim Towe enough in my previous reviews, and let me correct that now by saying that his illustrations are an equal part in addition to Chad Bowers’ writing as to why I’m loving this book so much. And in this sequence he gets to show off his skills in depicting action.

Supreme, Doc Rocket, Badrock, and Margot (Badrock’s government handler) catch up to Shaft and help him deal with the androids, and try to convince him to join up with them. Meanwhile Petra and Dolante had struck out on their own with a planned assault on BryneTec HQ, and back in Washington D.C., President DieHard has decided that it’s time for him to take some personal involvement in this situation.

Things are heating up, and this opening arc is proving to be suspenseful, action-packed, and a perfect jumping on point for new and old readers alike. The ‘Blood is back, and it’s in great hands!

But wait, there’s more!

That’s right, in addition to the full 20-page Youngblood story, we also get a 7-page back-up story, which is said to be a new ongoing feature in this series. It’s Rob Liefeld himself, continuing his aborted Bloodstrike series!

Written and drawn by Rob Liefeld
Colored by Juan Manuel Rodriguez
Lettered by Chris Eliopoulos


This is pretty much a long fight scene, Cabbot and the new mysterious “Bloodstrike” are in Africa, fighting Bloodwulf, who was sent by the government to kill them both. Bloodwulf makes quick work of the new Bloodstrike, but Cabbot puts up more of a fight. And then suddenly the new character Blackstrike appears.

Yeah, I guess I spoiled the story, that’s pretty much all that happens. It’s good to see the story finally continue, but I can’t really judge this installment, as no new ground is broken. But it’s always nice to get some new Liefeld sequential art. So I’d say this is a good addition to the series, since it doesn’t cut down on the main story’s pages, nor increase the price.

Altogether, YOUNGBLOOD is the kind of fun superteam comic that this industry needs. Get it.


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