Bloodstrike #2

Written and drawn by Rob Liefeld
Published by Image Comics

PREVIOUSLY: Bloodstrike #1

This story opens with Professor Night (Liefeld’s analog of Batman…Liefeld has a lot of analogs of established superheroes) caught and getting brutally beaten by the young woman who acquired Bloodstrike’s penis last issue. She mentioned that she may look like a 13 year old girl, but she’s from Project: Born Again, so she’d been dead and revived, apparently quite awhile ago. And then there’s something about needing Professor Night’s brain for some kind of machine she’s putting together, and  we see that she’s already turned Professor Night’s sidekick/niece Twilight into a zombie.

Then back at the fortress we pick up from last issue with Bloodstrike and Cabbot teaming up to fight the other former Bloodstrike team members, Shogon, Deadlock, and some new character called Bella. After dispatching them, Bloodstrike and Cabbot resume their fight, then end up being teleported to Africa were Bloodwulf is waiting for them…

And then there’s a separate 5-page story, by Rob Liefeld and Karl Altstaetter, which introduces a new masked character named BLACKSTRIKE, who appears to have his own personal vendetta against Cabbot and is now being sent after him.

So this issue is even more violent than the first, with lots of blood (fitting, I suppose). But still not many answers about what exactly is going on. All of these different characters keep showing up, talking trash (everyone in this book seems to have essentially the same personality), then killing or getting killed, it’s a little hard even for a longtime Liefeld fan like myself to keep track of who is who.

There is some attempt at meta-commentary, I guess, when Bloodstrike is fighting Deadlock and calls him “the worst excuse for bad Wolverine cosplay ever” and says “I’m embarrassed for you and whoever thought this look was a good idea.” So Liefeld is trashing one of his own characters and designs now? Well, okay. I can’t deny this book is energetic, but I would like to get a handle on the PLOT now. Hopefully the next issue, which is advertised as being titled REVELATIONS, will be be more informative.




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