David Clarke vs. Colin Kaepernick

Y’all already know how I feel about this Negro: DAVID CLARKE MAKES ME SICK

Since I wrote, he has now become a former Sherriff. But he’s still a DUMBASS. As this recent post on Twitter shows:

And here’s the type of racist White person who follows this fool.

What does that even mean?!? What does Kaepernick’s background have to do with what does or doesn’t have to contribute?!? Forget it. The bottom line is, many on Twitter quickly shared examples of Kaepernick doing exactly what Clarke implied he doesn’t do.

And that’s just a small amount of the responses.

Of course, all of this information, and much more, is easily available, a simple google search could have told Clarke this. But he didn’t even bother checking, he just made an assumption about Kaapernick’s character, and publicly posted without fact-checking. And as the time of me posting this blog, it’s been 27 hours since his tweet, and it he hasn’t even had the decency to delete it nor, as far as I can tell, respond to any of the comments that point out his error. Nah, he’s moved on to ranting about Hillary Clinton and other usual right-wing topics. But then, as has recently been revealed, Clarke has been found to have plagiarized parts of his Masters Thesis, so it’s clear that he’s always been rather lax when it comes to doing research.

But the point is Colin Kaepernick has literally put his money where his mouth is. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Compared to many of his fellow athletes, he has does a lot more actual good for society. But because he had the audacity to kneel during the national anthem, that makes him a pariah among…a certain segment of America.

It’s also notable that that recent days have seen protests in the streets of St. Louis, following the acquittal of former police officer Jason Stockley in the MURDER of Anthony Lamar Smith. And, of course, many (including David Clarke) are quick to condemn the “violence” of the protests. The irony being lost on them when they also criticize people like Colin Kaepernick for protesting peacefully.

Meanwhile what’s David A. Clarke Jr.’s legacy of achievements?

Estate of Inmate Who Died of Dehydration in Milwaukee Jail Files Civil Rights Lawsuit Against County, Sheriff David Clarke

Jury Awards $6,700,000 to Inmate Raped Repeatedly by Guard in Sheriff David Clarke’s Jail

’nuff said.

What do YOU think?

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