Outer Darkness #3

Written by John Layman
Drawn by Afu Chan
Published by Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment

PREVIOUSLY: Outer Darkness #2

In this issue Captain Riggs sends an Away Team down to an apparently abandoned astroid in hopes of retrieving some valuable cargo. But in the course of the mission two crew members get killed by some kind of alien monster. And that’s where we find out that in this universe death is not necessarily permanent, as we see that once again utilizing a combination of magic and science, the crew have the means of ressurecting the dead under certain circumstances. But we see that the ressurection process can have lasting effects on the human (and alien) mind. Also Captain Riggs is shown once again to not be entirely trustworthy when it comes to his motivations regarding that cargo that the crew was sent to retrieve.

Another delightlfully weird issue with georgeous artwork. I hope John Layman and Afu Chan stick with this book for a long time. A+

Outer Darkness #4

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