Ironheart #4

Written by Eve L. Ewing
Drawn by Luciano Vecchio
Published by Marvel Comics

PREVIOUSLY: Ironheart #3

After their encounter last issue, the supervillain Midnight’s Fire returns to confront RiRi in her own mother’s house. As I said in response to the first issue I thought it would be better if Ironheart had a secret identity, and this sequence is one reason why I feel that way. The supervillain is able to find RiRi because her identity is publicly known and this just exemplifies how dangerous her superhero activities are. In a way it makes her seem a bit selfish, as she’s not only putting her own life in danger but that of her mother and friends. But I digress.

So Midnight’s Fire tells RiRi about his background, basically giving us his origin story, and about his involvement with the organization that is behind child gang that RiRi’s friend Daija was involved with, although the reasoning for that is a bit shallow. Midnight’s Fire actually attempts to recruit RiRi to join him, but she refuses and another battle ensues.

Another solid, if not spectacular issue. There’s still plenty of mystery left to be revealed, which is what keeps me interested in coming back. Eve L Ewing continues to write RiRi has a fully dimensional character who feels like a real teenager (albeit on whose a genius), and Luciano Vecchio’s artwork is very good. This is an enjoyable series.

Ironheart #4

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