Bath & Body Works & Liberal Hypocrisy

I just looked on Twitter and I saw #BathandBodyWorks trending. So I was curious and clicked on it. A man named Jeremiah Cota says he walked by a Bath & Body Works store in a mall in Scottsdale and the manager there (an Asian woman ironically named “Karren,” according to her nametag) shouted “Fuck Donald Trump!” at him. So he got out his phone and recorded her as he asked her to repeat what she said, and knowing she was being recorded she admitted it.

Well the company followed up and said that person no longer works for them. And yet the reason the hashtag is trending is because people are mad at the store for firing the woman, and are now threatening to boycott the company. I’m seeing all these people talking about “she has the right to speak her mind!” and saying this means the company “supports White Supremacists!” and all sorts of other nonsense.

Are you kidding me?!?

This is the type of hypocritical mindset of the radical Left, especially the ones on social media, that bugs me. Because if I walked by that store in facemask that said Black Lives Matter and she said “Fuck Black Lives Matter!” and admitted it on video, what do you think these same people would be saying? Think they wouldn’t be celebrating if she got fired?

This isn’t even about politics, this is about doing your job. I work in a warehouse. We have a regular customer, an older White man, who tends to show up at least once a month to pick up a certain part, and I’m usually the one who has to handle it. He backs up to our dock in a van where on the back he has this bumper sticker:

He’s had that since 2016, before the election. And do you know what I do about it? NOTHING.

I’m no Donald Trump supporter, but it’s not my job to debate our customer’s political views, regardless of what I think about them. I’m simply polite, as he always is to me, hand him his product, collect his signature on our invoice and say “See ya later,” when he leaves. That’s it. If I cursed him out and he complained to my boss I’m sure I’d rightfully be fired too.

Sure, me and some coworkers have talked about him behind his back when he’s gone, we usually just refer to as “the Trump guy” when we get a new order for him, but we don’t say anything to his face. It’s called being professional.

And I’m even seeing some people trying to claim that this was some kind of set-up, that Cota purposely went there to get a reaction so he could publicize it. From his Twitter profile he’s not just a Trump supporter, he’s run his campaign in Arizona, so maybe he did want the publicity. But so what? She didn’t have to fall for it. Again, maybe the Trump guy put the bumper sticker on his fan hoping I’ll bring it up and argue with him. But I’ve managed to avoid that urge to do so for almost 4 years now. It’s not hard. Again, I’m just there to do my job.

There’s another claim, from a now locked account, being tossed around about Cota’s actions.

And of course many ar just lapping that up as the gospel truth. But gee what a convenient excuse for her actions, eh? I’m trying to figure out the logic of this so-called plan. So he called the store and called her a chink and so go back to China. And then he put on his pro-Trump facemask and went to call walk by the store, hoping that she’d now be angry enough to shot “Fuck Trump” at him, so he could then pull out his phone and record and ask her to admit saying that, and hoped that would do that (as opposed to, y’know, dying it or just walking about when she say the camera)? Great plan.

Then in a real plot twist, looks like Karren as some racial slurs in her history, which she first dismissed, but is now apologizing for. But it’s all the more reason I’m skeptical of her account of the incident.

And yes it could be argued that all the Trump supporters who are celebrating her being fired as also hypocrites, because they’re the ones usually ranting against “cancel culture”, but I expect conservatives, especially those who still support Trump, to be hypocrites, that’s not new. Liberal hypocrisy bugs me more because I generally am liberal myself. But I’m also consistent. And wrong is wrong, period.

P.S. Fuck Donald Trump.

What do YOU think?

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