Halloween #1 by Chaos Comics

Halloween 1
Written by Phil Nutman & Daniel Farrands
Drawn by David Brewer
Published by Chaos Comics

I don’t know if this was the first comic-book based on the Halloween film franchise, but it’s the first one I’d ever seen. What’s interesting about this book is that it was published in October 2000, two years after the release of the film Halloween H20, but at first glance appears to follow the continuity of Halloween 6, which H20 had retconned out of existence. The book itself is cowritten by Daniel Farrands, the screenwriter of Halloween 6.

The storyline follows Tommy Doyle, who is working on a book about Michael Myers, who he believes to be dead. No mention is made of what has happened to Kara Strode or her son Danny. Dr. Loomis is also dead, and Tommy has arranged to get ahold of Loomis’ old journal and records of his treatment of Michael Myers, which he reads. And that’s the basic framing story of this issue, as we see through flashbacks and the story of Michael growing up in Smith’s Grove Sanitorium, as Loomis watched over him.

We flash back to 1963, when Michael was first sent to the Sanitorium as a 7 year old boy after killing his sister. Loomis already thinks the boy needs special treatment, and she would be kept away from the other young patients, but the man in charge, Dr. Carpenter (obviously named after film series co-creator John Carpenter), thinks Loomis is being alarmist and insists on putting Michael in the same section as the other boys in the facility. Over the next 7 years, we see Michael remaining non-speaking and mostly expressionless, even as he’s occasionally taunted by the other boys, who one by one start dying in mysterious accidents, that Loomis is certain that Michael is responsible for. My concerns continue to be dismissed by Dr. Carpenter.

Loomis’ only ally is a female doctor, Jennifer Hill (last name obviously in homage to film series co-creator Debra Hill). Over the years we see them develop a romance that leads to an engagement. But it all goes bad one night when Dr. Carpenter insists on throwing a costumed Halloween party for all the kids at the Sanitorium, against Dr. Loomis’ objections. And, well, let’s just say when the flashbacks ends we see that Dr. Loomis has a very good reason to hate Michael as much as he does.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Tommy, Michael is not dead. He’s been stalking Tommy and appears in his house, attempting to kill Tommy, but Tommy fights back. Does Tommy manage to kill Michael? Oh, of course not! Like many films, the comics gives us an ending that’s both definitive but open.

I have to say that overall this was a very good comic, with a decent enough story that explores Michael Myers’ childhood but in a way that doesn’t demystify him, like I felt that Rob Zombie’s Halloween did. The extra fleshing out of Dr. Loomis is also welcomed. And it’s got nice artwork. I would definitely recommend this comic to any fan of the film franchise.

Unfortunately, the comic is currently out of print, and not available digitally (at least not legally), and copies can be quite pricey. Maybe try Ebay?


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