Why Don’t I Like Popcorn Anymore?

An interesting thing happened at work today, a coworker had some popcorn, and she asked me if I wanted some. I said no thanks, because I don’t like popcorn. But this made me think…I used to like popcorn. What happened?

I used to eat popcorn at movies, and even sometimes just at home, we used to get those little Jiffy Pop popcorn pans that you put on the stove and watch it expand until they were ready.

But now I have no taste for popcorn. I legit can’t even remember the last time I had popcorn, so I don’t know when that changed, but the thought of eating popcorn is completely unappealing to me now.

And so I started thinking, what other foods that I used to like do I no longer like? There are plenty of foods that I used to eat a lot more often that I haven’t in a long time, just do to opportunity. I can’t remember the last time I had scrambled eggs, or French toast, which I used to love. I used to eat chili a lot, but haven’t had that in years at this point. But if I was eating with someone who cooked any of that stuff for me, I’d happily eat it. But there are things I don’t eat anymore because I don’t want to, the idea of eating it is “yucky.”

Like hot dogs.

I used to love hot dogs. Regular hot dogs in a bun, or chili dogs, or corn dogs on a stick (I used to love getting those at Wienerschnitzel). But now, nope. And I used to love putting mustard on them, but I hate mustard now too.

Sliced bread. As a kid, you could give me a slice of bread and some peanut butter to spread on it (I never really liked jelly) and I’d be happy for the day. Now the idea of eating any kind of sandwich on regular bread is gross to me.

I also used to love apple pie.

Whether Hostess or from McDonald’s, I loved these as a kid, but not now. This is strange because I still love apples, but just not apple pies. 

Thinking about it, I don’t like apple juice anymore either.

There’s probably other stuff, but that’s all that comes to mind tonight. I wonder what happened, do our taste buds change as we get older? Has anyone else experienced this, or is it just me?

What do YOU think?

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