'What's the point of insurance if you don't use it?'

I just had to write a check to pay my car insurance. I always hate this, because it seems like such a waste when I consider the fact that I’ve never actually needed it. I just think of all of the money I’ve spent for all these years, yet I’ve never been in any kind of accident. So, it’s just like, what did I spend all that money for?

And I only have liability insurance anyway, which is required by law, so if someone hits me, & they don’t have insurance, or my car just gets stolen, then I’m simply S.O.L. And, while I know that accidents can happen, & I’ve had a few close calls, I know that I’m a very careful driver. So I’m really not overly worried about me hitting someone.

It would be nice if car insurance were like health insurance. That’s something else that could be deemed unnecessary unless you happen to have some major medical emergency. But at least with health insurance you can still go in for routine checkups & stuff, just to make sure you’re okay. So it’s not a complete waste. So if my car insurance would also cover the cost of going in to get my oil changed, or tuning up the engine, etc., then that would make it worthwhile.

If I break my leg then my health insurance will cover that, but if my radiator hose gets busted then my car insurance doesn’t do a darn thing. And yet I’m far more likely to get a busted radiator hose (it’s happened in both my current car & my previous one) than I am to get a broken leg.

I’m always tempted to just stop paying it, & take my chances. But, of course, with my luck, the day after my insurance runs out I’d end up hitting somebody. On the other hand, I’m also tempted to just go ahead & purposely hit somebody, just so I can justify spending all this money for insurance. I’m not talking any major, like a full-on head to head collision on the freeway or anything. But maybe I could just tap someone on the rear & bust out a rear-view headlight or something.

So if you’re ever driving in Southern California, & you happen to see a light blue Oldsmobile Cutlass Sierra, that desperately needs a paint-job, in your review mirror, look out!

Here’s a picture of Sofia Vergara just for the heck of it.


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