Well, that’s what SOME people think. But I don’t believe so. And I’m going to tell you why.

Generally speaking, I have a natural distrust of all authority, be it political, capitalistic, or religious. I consider myself a skeptic, but I’m also a realist. I follow the principle known as “Occum’s Razor,” which basically states that “All things being equal, the simplest solution is the best.”

So there are two things we need to consider here: motive & means. The motive is, apparently, that the 9/11 attacks were planned in order to give the Bush Administration an excuse to wage war in Iraq.

The means are a bit different, depending on which 9/11 “Truther” that you’re listening to. I’ve heard everything from Osama Bin Laden is really some sort of C.I.A. operative, working for us (or he may not even really exist), or he may be a scapegoat, who the government framed for this crime. The highjackings were staged, and the planes that crashed into the WTC were actually remote controlled. And a whole bunch of other theories (there’s just too many to address, really).

But the main argument of “proof” is in the way that the buildings collapsed. Supposedly, falling directly down, like they did, is very similar to “controlled explosions,” like what happens when demolition crews put bombs inside buildings to demolish them. So, some claim that this is proof that there were bombs placed inside the various WTC buildings, and that’s what brought them down, not the crash of the planes.

Certainly, if it were impossible (not unlikely, or improbable, but IMPOSSIBLE) for the planes to cause that kind of collapse, then that would mean something. I’ve seen images
of the falling towers matched with images of controlled explosions. It certainly looks similar. There are some engineers who say that the collapse must’ve been due to something other than the planes. But there are others who say that, due to the
special circumstances of the planes, jet fuel, the warped steel of the buildings, as well as all of the furniture & equipment in them when it burned, it’s understandable that they collapsed. So, there ya go. Two different opinions. Which one should we

It seems to me if it were as cut & dried as the “Truthers” would like it to be, then there would be no question. For example, to use another conspiracy, let’s look at the JFK assassination. If he was killed by being shot with a water pistol, we’d know it
was impossible. Even if we saw it happening, everyone knows that you can’t blow someone’s head off with a water pistol. So there are millions of engineers in this country, and all over the world, who saw the WTC collapse. Clearly, if it were so impossible,
they would’ve all immediately known that, when they saw it. And they’d ALL be telling us that.

Plus, why would “they” plant bombs in the buildings, anyway? If “they” were intent on creating some phony terrorist attack, and “they” were somehow able to arrange for two planes to be crashed into the WTC, wouldn’t that be enough? Why also the bombs? Even if the buildings didn’t completely collapse after the planes crashed, & let’s say only 1,000 people were killed, instead of 2,752, it’s not like that would’ve been any less of a
tragedy. America still would’ve been sad & angry, & Bush still would’ve had an excuse to push us into war with Iraq, if that was indeed the pre-planned goal.

So now we come to the motive. And, as much as I love to complain about the government, I really do not believe that our government is evil. No, not even Dick Cheney. I don’t think any higher-ups in our military, or the Bush
Administration, would really engineer mass murder of innocent American citizens, just so they could then stage a war. I’m all for distrust of government, but let’s not get paranoid.

I believe that the government, like most powerful institutions, is at worst greedy, & at best incompetent. I do believe that Bush & Co, from the beginning of their “election,” wanted to go after Saddam Hussein, seeing it as a chance to finish the job Bush’s father started. When 9/11 happened, that was their chance to come up with a reason, & they took advantage of our national outrage. But I don’t think they planned it in advance. And my reason is simple: look how badly they f***ed it up!

When you consider the massive planning that would’ve had to take place to pull off these “bogus” attacks, make it look like terrorists did it, & keep all credible news sources from finding out, that would’ve required some BRILLIANT strategy. Look at the Clinton scandals. They couldn’t even keep a blowjob secret. And that was between just TWO people, but one couldn’t keep her mouth shut (no pun intended). Yet not one person from this WTC conspiracy has come forward?

So, despite all that brilliance in planning, when it came time to carry out the war that this was all supposedly done for, then they suddenly became idiots? Now, years after “Mission Accomplished,” we’re still arguing about whether or not the “surge” is working or was a good idea? And all those WMD’s that Saddam allegedly had, which was the official excuse for the war? Nothing! I mean, dang, they weren’t even smart enough to cover their asses by planting some WMD’s in Iraq. I know WE have some. They could’ve snuck a few nuclear bombs & some leftover anthrax over there, stuck them in
one of Saddam’s military bases, and then said “Look! We found Saddam’s WMD! We told you he had them!”

It’s like if you met a guy who was so smart that he built a car, all by himself, with his bare hands, and then the first day he went to drive it he got 17 traffic tickets. Wouldn’t you think it was weird that he’s smart enough to build a car, but doesn’t even know how to drive it properly? That’s basically what we’re being asked to believe with this 9/11 conspiracy.

So that’s why I say that our government is too incompetent to pull off something like this. And if there was a shred of decent evidence, the mainstream media would be all over it.
Some will say the media is involved in the cover-up, but I don’t buy that either. Well, maybe Fox would go along with it, but certainly, CNN, MSNBC, & the big networks & newspapers would love to have this story if it were true. Any reporter or network who provided evidence of a conspiracy involving 9/11 would be instant heroes. That’s an automatic Pulitzer, at the very least. Mike Wallace would give his left testicle for a story
like this. C’mon.

It just seems to me that with a lot of these conspiracy theories, there are people who want to believe the worst, and think there’s more than meets the eye behind every big tragedy. I saw Spike Lee once speculate that the government blew up the levees
in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. I say, isn’t the blatant incompetence of the FEMA bad enough? Do we have to add more to it, just to be even madder about it? And it’s the same principle here.

Now, I know this won’t convince those who, for whatever reason, want to believe in this conspiracy. I’m just saying that my common sense tells me otherwise.

Or perhaps I’ve just been thoroughly brainwashed by the Illuminati’s secret mind-control rays. Dang, I knew I shouldn’t have gone outside without my tin-foil hat on…


  1. I tend to believe that IF there was any kind of conspiracy it was about the government trying to cover-up how bad their security was, and how it was so easy for 19 wackos to come to this country and do all of this.


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