From The Daily Post:

What tech can’t you live without?

That’s easy.


Gotta have my PC. I got my first Dell PC about 9 years ago, and I don’t recall what it was like to live without one. When it finally died on me last Sept. I didn’t even wait a day. It was in the evening, and I immediately got dressed and went to Best Buy to get a replacement. I can give up TV and radio, since I can watch most of my favorite shows and movies, and listen to music, and even stream radio stations, on my PC. So, I guess technically I should say that I can’t live without “the internet”, which I can also access from my Blackberry, or this Netbook my mother bought me last Christmas which I still haven’t used, but it’s my home PC that I use the most, and is right there in my room, with everything I need on it.

A close runner-up would be my Microwave Oven.I’m a stereotypical adult bachelor, which means that I’d probably starve to death if I didn’t have a microwave oven.

What? You don’t expect ME to learn how to “cook” food, do you?!?

What do YOU think?

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