It’s been all over the news websites this morning, that Henry Cavill has been cast to star in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman movie, due in 2012. And I must say that I think he is an excellent choice, and will be able to play this role very well. I am a huge fan of The Tudors, which is where I know him from. In fact, I think they should look to some other Tudors cast members to fill out more roles in the film. Let’s see Natalie Dormer as Lois Lane, and John Rhys Meyers as Lex Luthor (or as General Zod, or even Brianiac, though I tend to think that if they use Brianiac in the film he should be a CGI robot).


Of course, casting is irrelevant if the script sucks. Superman Returns had a pretty good cast. Brandon Routh was excellent as Superman/Clark Kent, and Kevin Spacey could have been an excellent Luthor, but that film was too darn boring. So I’m hoping this next one will be a worthy reinvention of Superman in cinema for the 21st century. Unlike most fans, I’m not particularly hyped by Christopher Nolan’s involvement in this film, since Superman is such a fundamentally different character than Superman, so the fact that Nolan got Batman right doesn’t necessarily translate into meaning he will automatically help guide a decent Superman film. After all, Bryan Singer made two excellent X-Men films, so that proves that being able to master one superhero franchise doesn’t mean you can master another one. Nevertheless, my fingers are crossed.

Today’s Daily Post topic was If you had your own reality show, what would it be called? What would it be about? Who would the main characters be? But I have no answer for that. My life is way too boring for TV. If cameras had been following me around today they would have filmed me getting up at 6 to go the grocery store, then fill up with gas, then come back home and go to sleep until around noon, after which I got up, took a shower, then ate pizza for lunch. The rest of my day was spent doing some laundry while listening to old Frosty, Hiedi, and Frank shows on iTunes. Now I’m eating the rest of the pizza while I type this. Not exactly Must See TV.


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