“CONNECT THE DOTS” by Stacy Clark


Today I’m reviewing the latest album by MY FAVORITE SINGER, STACY CLARK


12 new “Indie Acoustic Folk Pop Rock” tracks.

1/NOT ENOUGH (written by Stacy Clark) 2:25

2/ALL TIME LOW (written by Stacy Clark and Matt Appleton) 3:19

If you knew what was good for you/You’d stay away from me/If you knew what was good for you/You’d turn around and leave

A melancholy slow song, and an interesting choice for the follow-up. While Not Enough is about her giving her giving up on someone whom she tried to give her all to, this one is her warning someone that she’s not right for them.

3/WHITE LIES (written by Stacy Clark) 2:46

White lies/Do you think I’m a fool/Shame on me once, shame on me twice/For trusting, trusting you

A fast-paced track, my favorite on the album.

4/AIR FORCE (written by Stacy Clark and Matt Appleton) 3:23

I can’t be a bird/So I’ll take a plane/To ease the pain of loving you

A slower song, with a deep message, it wasn’t a favorite of mine @ first, but it grew on me after several listens.

5/FIREWORKS (written by Stacy Clark and Dave Warsop) 2:23

You don’t tell me what you want/But you expect more/Can’t you see I’m trying here, while lying on the floor

Picking up the pace again with this nice, fast track.

6/TOUCH AND GO (written by Stacy Clark) 2:52

Another one of Stacy’s classic “stick in your head” songs.

7/HOLD ON (written by Stacy Clark) 3:08

Very inspiring

8/ANYWHERE (written by Stacy Clark and Padra Moinian) 3:19

I want you to come/To come stand next to me/I want you by my side/When I away from sleep

Another of my favorite tracks from this album. The piano-driven music is very fetching.

9/MISERY (written by Stacy Clark) 3:26

In the spotlight, you never get cold/Under the knife, you never grow old/But prettier and skinnier, and all these things, that misery brings

Another slow song, that had to grow on me as I listened to it.

10/DON’T TAKE WHAT’S MINE (written by Stacy Clark) 2:47

Don’t try to take what’s mine/I’ve made a few mistakes/It’s easy to run my mouth/It’s harder to walk away

Very catchy, upbeat song

11/HIDE (written by Stacy Clark) 2:41

Sometimes being your friend is more work than it’s worth/Do you think before you speak to know your words can hurt

An acoustic guitar-driven track, which I enjoy very much.

12/I DO (written by Stacy Clark)

I do, I do/Can you feel my heart beating fast/I do, I do/I want to make this moment last

Even those this song was written and recorded long before it happened, listening to it now take on a whole new meaning, as I consider that Stacy got engaged last year (Congrats!).

So, all in all, another great effort from Stacy. She gets better and more confidant with each release. If I had any complaint it would the short length of the album. @ only 12 songs, most under 3 minutes long, it’s over rather quickly. I understand that might have been necessary back when she was self-releasing her own albums, but now that she’s backed by Vanguard records, I would have recommended adding about 3 or 4 more songs to this album. Nevertheless, I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

It’s available for download on Itunes, for only $5.99 http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/connect-the-dots/id385401173

You can also add her Myspace and Like her on Facebook. And if she happens to come by your town, go out and see her live!


  1. I wish I lived in a country that supported both PayPal and Apple. I very much miss buying original copies of songs. It’s really tiring to look on millions of sites for torrent download. 😐

    The songs are good. But not nearly as great as Wake Up. 😀 And I liked the concept of Touch and Go music video. You push someone intentionally, they look at you, and you shoot your Polaroid. 😀


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