It’s almost hard to believe that it’s been 7 or 8 years since I first discovered the music of STACY CLARK, MY FAVORITE SINGER. I’ve enjoyed watching her grow as an artists, getting her albums, and watching her perform live. It’s been almost 2 years since her last album PATTERNS, and she has a new album in the works, due later this year from Harbour Records, but to hold her loyal fans over she has released this little E.P., Days Into Nights.

This E.P. contains 4 songs, two of which, DAYS INTO NIGHTS and LOSE MY MIND were featured on Patterns. But then there are two brand new songs, NEXT TOWN, a short mid-tempo song, with a thumping drum beat, and some hypnotic electric guitar in the background, and there’s a nice overlap thing the producer (Skyler Norwood) does with Stacy’s voice. And then there’s EVERYTHING’S CHANGING, a slower track with Stacy singing mostly over guitar and piano, and featuring Andrew McMahon singing with her on the chorus. Both of the new songs are great, and show Stacy’s range as a singer and musician.

Altogether, the 4 songs on this E.P. provide a nice snapshot into the kind of music Stacy Clark makes, and so this would make a nice and cheap primer to any new fans out there, who just now discovering her. And the already dedicated fans of Stacy Clark, the ones who already have Patterns, it’s cheap enough to be worth it for the two new songs. So I recommend it.

The E.P. can be downloaded as a whole for $2.99 on ITUNES and AMAZON or, if you want to go “old school,” you can order it on CD directly from Stacy Clark’s website.

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  1. […] on earlier recordings, the songs from her independent release PATTERNS plus the songs from her e.p. DAYS INTO NIGHT, which I have of course. But for those of you still new to Stacy’s music, here is the time to […]


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