SYMMETRY by Stacy Clark


My favorite singer, Stacy Clark, released her latest album yesterday on Harbour Records. This album has 14 songs, 9 of which had been previously released on earlier recordings, the songs from her independent release PATTERNS plus the songs from her e.p. DAYS INTO NIGHT, which I have of course. But for those of you still new to Stacy’s music, here is the time to get on board. And for you already established fans, like me, you will not be disappointed with these new tracks. This is some of Stacy’s best work in years. She seems to have moved in a more “pop” sounding direction with her most recent releases, and that continues here, but it’s a mature-sounding pop music with some rock flavor to it.

The first of the new songs is the mid-tempo IN MY HEAD, followed by the more fast-paced MAKE A MOVE, which features Tom Higgenson from the Plain White T’s on the chorus (this is probably my favorite new song from this album), and then the powerful beat of STOP! (actually, this may be my favorite new song), she slows down a little again with I’VE WAITED FOR YOU, and then ends it with FIGURED IT OUT, which is the official first single.

Each track is great. Like I said, it’s Pop with a little bit of Rock. Each song has a catchy chorus, which has always been Stacy’s songwriting specialty. Play this album just once and I guarantee you’re going to have at least one of these songs stuck in your head for the rest of the day. And the more you play it, the more the rest of the songs will stick with you. Overall, another great effort from a great (& underrated) entertainer.

SYMMETRY by Stacy Clark is available on ITUNES for just $6.99

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