Y’know, in the good ol’ days, when someone would become well-known due to being connected to some scandal or tragedy, they would eventually fade away from the public consciousness. They’d get their talk show appearances, and maybe have some cameos in a couple of sitcoms, b-movies, or music videos, but then the novelty would wear off and their 15 minutes of fame would be over. Perhaps they’re still remembered as an answer on Jeopardy or something, but that’s it. Think of someone like Kat0 Kaelin, who parlayed his connection to OJ Simpson into getting a DJ gig on a radio station in Los Angeles, but then the ratings fell (duh), and now where is he? Or there was that hooker whom Hugh Grant got busted with, I don’t even remember her name now, and I don’t feel like googling her. Or the various women, like Jessica Hahn or Gennifer Flowers, who had affairs with famous men. Heck, even Monica Lewinsky seems to have disappeared, and that was the affair that led to a Presidential impeachment!

But today, thanks to the internet and “reality” TV, people who don’t have any actual talent are now become legitimate celebrities. Take The Kardashians (please). Nobody heard of Kim Kardashian until a sex tape of her with Ray J was “accidentally” released. And it’s not like Ray J himself was a major celebrity, I don’t think he had any major hits in music before that, and so his biggest claim to fame was that he was Brandy Norwood’s little brother, who had a recurring role on her sitcom.

Normally, sex tapes are big news when one or both of the participants is a big star, but this one tape with a c-list (at best) star somehow made Kim Kardashian famous. Just as Paris Hilton’s star was beginning to fade, Kim came along to take the spot. And that would have been bad enough, but at least she would have been destined to fade, as well, but then that damn Ryan Seacrest came along and gave her and her whole dang family a reality show. Now they’re all “celebrities!” For what? Khloe and Kourtney are famous for being related to Kim, who’s famous for having sex with Ray J!

I mean, I will give them some credit, before all this started, the sisters were running their own store together, so it’s not like they don’t have anything at all going for them, but I don’t see anything that should make them nation-wide celebrities. They don’t actually do anything, what’s their talent? Acting? Modeling? Singing? Dancing? What exactly are they? at least their stepfather, Bruce Jenner, was an Olympic athlete. He actually accomplished something, which he should be known for. Instead, today he’s just famous for being a supporting character on that stupid TV show.

And there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight, especially now that the two younger sisters are now trying to become models. There will be probably some version of a Kardashian show on the air 20 years from now. We’re stuck with them!

No wonder the terrorists hate us.



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