A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post about Twitter, which I just really heard about @ the time. I said that I didn’t understand what was the appeal of it, but I didn’t want to trash it, because before I got on them I used trash social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook before I eventually joined them. So I didn’t want to be one of those folks who said stuff like “This is ridiculous, I’d never waste my time on something like that!” just in case I changed my mind about it later.

Well, since then I have tried it twice. A few months after that post, I signed up as Captain LeMar, the name I use on, & I followed about 10 people that I knew (plus William Shatner, just because he’s awesome), just to see for myself what’s up. I never “tweeted” on my own, I only responded to tweets from the folks I was following, but after about 2 weeks I just deleted the profile. It was boring to me. As I suspected, most of the posts were just random stuff that wasn’t important. In Dec. 2009, when I was setting up my new main blog, I decided to sign up to Twitter again, just because I’d noticed that many bloggers on WordPress had a their Twitter feed added to their blog, with their most recent tweets displayed on the front page, so I thought it would be funny to add a twitter feed to my blog, that would have just one tweet: “i have absolutely nothing to say”.

So that’s where it stood from Dec. 09, until a few weeks ago. I thought I would give it a shot again, so I started following folks that I knew from Facebook and other online sites. I think I got to around 40-50 people this time, before I deleted my account again, after about a week. I really just couldn’t see any point to it. I would log in, and just read what people were posting, and it’s nothing important or relevant @ all. Yet I would see people posting multiple times a day, sometimes for hours @ a time. I’m sorry, but I just don’t get it.

It’s also weird when I hear about various celebrities getting into twitter fights. Just this morning I see a news report about football playing Jay Cutler quitting in the middle of a game, and some folks didn’t think he was really hurt so, of course, they jump on Twitter to criticize him. And a few weeks ago there was the idiotic Twitter fight between Chris Brown and Raz B. And there have been other celebrities who have gotten into fights on Twitter over the years. Of course I know that celebrities tend to be more self-absorbed than the general population, it comes with the territory, so I supposed something like Twitter is perfect for these people who think that their every random thought should be shared with the rest of us, but what about normal folks? What does anyone, especially an adult, need this for? I just don’t get it.

Again, I will reserve the right to totally change my mind at some point in the future but, for now, no Twitter for me.

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