So there I am, at about 7:30pm, sitting at home in my bedroom, minding my own business. I was on the net, listening to the Adam Carolla podcast on iTunes, when suddenly I hear a large BOOM sound, and then a car alarm, which sounded suspiciously like my car alarm. I run out to the front door to shut off the alarm and there’s a bunch of neighbors standing around. Sure enough, it turns out that someone had driven by, smashed into my car, and drove off. The front left side is all fracked up.

UPDATE 5/22/2021: I originally had pictures of my actual wrecked car posted here, but I lost them all in the Photobucket purge.

I was parked right in front of my house, in the very spot where I’ve been parking everyday for the past 15 fracking years. No one else was hit, of course, just good ol’ me.

And, yes, this is the very same car that I spent $725 on a new radiator and tune-up last Sept, only for it to break down on me again in Dec, which cost another $100, then in Jan I spent a total of $464 for a new water pump and fuel pump, and then $196.32 to fix my brakes last month.

And, no, my insurance doesn’t cover this. All I have is Liability insurance, which would cover me if I crashed into somebody, but since this was completely not my fault & I have no idea who hit me I am, basically, screwed. Royally.

Good night.


    • I considered that. But I had someone look @ it and, considering what I’ve already spent on this car, which is 20 years old with over 163,000 miles on it, the price and trouble of fixing this frankly isn’t worth it anymore. So I’m going to look for a new one.


    • Yeah, well, it’s been a rough few months since then, which is why I haven’t been updating my blogs, but I’ve got a new car now, and things are picking up, so I should back to my old routine in a few days.


  1. […] pulling out, but I couldn’t prove it, so I never said anything. Then I’ve written before about the MASSIVE CRASH that totally frakked up that car for good. And with my current car, somebody hit that, earlier this year, I was parked on the corner and it […]


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