Yesterday the story broke that George Zimmerman has, apparently, signed with some kind of promoter for a possible celebrity boxing match. And today it was reported that rapper The Game wants to fight him. Seriously.

While I’ve seen some people saying that they hope this happens and that The Game whoops his ass, because they want to see Zimmerman get beaten up, I do not support this, under any circumstances. First of all, in my opinion, this man, George Zimmerman, IS A MURDERER. Plain and simple. No, I wasn’t there that night, I did not see the confrontation myself, but I know that there are several undisputed facts.

1/Trayvon Martin was not under the influences of any illegal drugs or alcohol that night.

2/Trayvon Martin was not carrying a weapon that night.

3/Trayvon Martin was not leaving from, going to, or in the process of, committing any crime(s) that night. He was just innocently walking back from the store to his father’s house.

4/FOR SOME REASON, George Zimmerman thought that Trayvon Martin was some kind of criminal and called the police on him.

5/George Zimmerman continued to follow Trayvon Martin in his car, even after the 911 operator told him that they didn’t need him to do that.

6/George Zimmerman then, against the advice of the 911 operator, got out of car to follow Trayvon Martin on foot.

RIGHT THERE, with #6, that puts the blame of what happened next on George Zimmerman. If he had not gotten out of his car, then Trayvon Martin would be alive today. Even if Trayvon Martin did throw the first punch, look at it from his perspective. You’re a teenager, just minding your own business, walking home at night, and some strange man is following you in his car, and then gets out of his car and starts following you on foot. I think assuming this person has bad intentions is a reasonable response. If ANYONE had a right to “stand his ground” it was Trayvon Martin.

Let’s also not forget one of the biggest key points. The last words George Zimmerman said to the 911 operator before he got out of his car to follow Trayvon Martin was “These assholes always get away.”
If THAT doesn’t speak to the mindset of George Zimmerman leading up to that confrontation then I don’t know what else to day.

George Zimmerman, this wannabe cop, thought he was going to be the big tough guy, taking down this “asshole” who shouldn’t be there. Feeling all brave because he had a gun on him. So when he started getting his asskicked, and pulled his gun out and started shooting.

I would have accepted a lesser conviction, even involuntary manslaughter, as long as he was held responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death and spent some time in jail, even if it was just 5 years. But to just get off completely? FUCK THAT. That is not justice.

So, going back to this proposed boxing match, I don’t support this. First, just the fact the he would even be labeled a “celebrity” is disgusting. Yeah, his claim to fame is killing an unarmed innocent Black teenager and getting away with it. And what’s the possible outcome here? Even if he gets knocked out, or just beaten badly, it won’t bring Trayvon Martin back, and he will still get paid for this. I don’t support anything that puts money in George Zimmerman’s pocket. Even if it’s just one cent, that’s one cent too much.

Then of course there’s the possibility that George Zimmerman might actually win, and beat whomever he fights. Definitely don’t need to see that happen. The best thing that can happen right now is to ignore George Zimmerman completely, and not treat him like any kind of “celebrity.”

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