A retired police captain told investigators he gunned down a man in a movie theater because “he scared the crap out of me” and hit him, but his own wife told police she didn’t see a blow, it was revealed Friday.

Audio tape of Curtis Reeves’ initial interview was played in a Florida courtroom where a judge will decide whether to grant bail in the slaying of Navy veteran Chad Oulson.

“If I had it to do over again, it would never have happened,” Reeves, 71, told police of the fatal Jan. 13 shooting at the Cobb Grove 16 in Wesley Chapel, Fla.

“We would have moved. But you don’t get do-overs.”

Reeves, who is charged with second-degree murder, claims he shot Oulson, 43, in self-defense after the younger man hit him and knocked his glasses off during an argument before a screening of “Lone Survivor.”

Witnesses, including Reeves’ own wife, have testified that they did not see Oulson, the father of a 3-year-old, strike Reeves. They said Oulson threw popcorn at him.

“He kept on hollering,” Reeves told a detective. “He led me to believe he was going to kick my ass.” Reeves said Oulson was aggressively moving toward him when he pulled the gun out of his pocket and fired.

A 3 year old girl is going to grow up without her father now because of this old fool. I remember when I first heard about this incident last month I saw people immediately defending it on the grounds that they hate when people text in movie theaters, which just shows what an increasingly sick and violent society we are becoming, where people think violence is the answer to everything.

I’m not at all surprised that Curtis Reeves Jr. is an ex-police officer, since we know how brutal many of them can be, who apparently has a history of acting like a big tough guy, as you can READ HERE.

I’m also not surprised that this is Florida, with its lax gun laws and Stand Your Ground. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m no radical anti-gun activist or anything. I support the right to private gun ownership, as outlined in the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but I believe that we have fetish-ized guns to a certain extent, to the point we’re it’s far beyond the use for hunting or protecting your home. Now we’ve got people thinking it’s the Wild West, and they’re the Sherriff or something. The gun gives them a false sense of bravado, and that’s what makes them “brave” enough to confront people when they otherwise wouldn’t. That’s why I’m calling Curtis Reeves Jr. a coward, just like his fellow MURDERER from Florida, George Zimmerman. It was easy for Zimmerman to patrol the streets with a gun on him. And without it I darn well know he would have never gotten out of his car to follow Trayvon Martin. He knew he had a gun so he was ready for trouble, and went looking for it. I believe Curtis Reeves Jr. is the same kind of coward. He wouldn’t have said anything to Chad Oulson without it. But as long as they’re armed they think they’re so tough, but as soon as their intended target stands up for themselves, these COWARDS just pull out their guns.

“He threw popcorn at me, I thought he was going to hurt me!”

Well, then you should have thought about that BEFORE you said anything to him, dumbass.

Not that I expect any justice in that effed up state, but Curtis Reeves Jr. deserves to have his wrinkled old ass thrown in jail for however many years he has left (which, hopefully, won’t be many).

Just my opinion.




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