Ugh, this whole mess is so depressing. If you’re reading this I figure that you’re not living under rock, and already know what “situation” I’m referring to. The leaked videotape of Beyonce’s sister, Solange, physically attacking Jay Z in a hotel elevator. Good grief. This is not good.

First, I’ll admit that Jay Z and Beyonce are one of my favorite Black celebrity couples (along with Will and Jada, Barack and Michelle, Denzel and whatever his wife’s name is…), they look very classy together. Two entertainers at the top of their respective games, creatively. I really don’t like seeing any scandal involved with them. So this is a rotten development for them. But the thing that’s really bothering me is the way so many people are acting like this is a joke. I see all these memes, like the one that I posted about, mocking Jay Z for getting hit be a woman. It’s just a big joke.

This is so not cool. Reverse the genders and then tell me how funny this is! Do you think we’d be seeing photo-shopped pictures of Solange being mocked for getting hit? If it’s wrong for men to hit women (AND IT IS), then why isn’t it just as wrong for a woman to hit a man?

And even worse, I’m seeing an underlying theme of “What did Jay do to deserve this?”. I actually see people making that assertion, without any facts mind you, just speculation, that Jay Z MUST have done SOMETHING. I saw one of the blogs I follow on tumblr posting a youtube video of the Wendy Williams Show, where she makes all kinds of wild accusations against Jay Z, speculating about past affairs with Rachel Roy and others. And just keeps says “Jay must have done something really FOUL to deserve this.”

Again, NOBODY “DESERVES” TO BE BEATEN. Male or female. You’re grown folks, act like it!

Frankly, and I say this as someone who is firmly opposed to male violence against women (see: WHY I DON’T “FORGIVE” CHRIS BROWN), part of me wishes that Jay had hit back. One punch. POW! Knock her the f*** out.

I bet no one would be laughing then.

What do YOU think?

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