Actor Spotlight: BRANDON ROUTH


I just read the news this morning:

Brandon Routh Takes On A Red And Blue Clad Character Again On Arrow

I don’t watch Arrow, despite all the rave reviews I’ve read about it, but I like this news. I very well may check it out next season, just to see Routh. As I said in my review of SUPERMAN RETURNS, Routh’s performance in that film is the only thing I can praise about it. I think he did an excellent job, it’s just that he was starring a crappy movie. I hate that what should have been his breakthrough role ended up mostly pushing him aside, as he was unfairly blamed for that clunker. But he had the right look, and showed the right emotions when called for it. If Bryan Singer has done actually reboot, starting the Superman saga over from the beginning, I believe that Routh could have been brilliant in it.

Since then I’ve seen him in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, and I also liked him in that (despite not liking that movie overall, either), and I also watched that CBS sitcom PARTNERS that he co-starred in (until it was canceled after 6 episodes), and he was fine in that. I never watched CHUCK, but I’ve heard many folks say he was great on that series, too. But, really, I’ve been waiting for him to bounce back and get a new career-making role. He’s a decent actor, he’s tall with matinee idol looks. He should be a huge star.

I’ve also thought for awhile that it would be a stroke of genius to cast him as a new superhero. If I were Marvel I would have tried to snap him up for something, just for the sheer publicity it would bring. “Superman” now working for Marvel. Hey, if Chris Evans can go from The Human Torch to Captain America, why not Routh? And imagine the irony if they could make him the star of a successful superhero franchise, after WB couldn’t. Off the top of my head, no particular character springs to mind, but Marvel’s got plenty. Or even Fox, snap him up for X-Men, who’ve got a bajillion characters they haven’t used on screen yet, or Sony cast him as a Spider-Man villain. Make him the new Venom! I dunno, just speculating.

But this Arrow role could be good. So he’s playing the secret ID of the character who is The Atom in the comics. For y’all non-comic-book readers, The Atom is this guy:


He can shrink to microscopic size, like Marvel’s Ant-Man (who is currently in development for a film). I have to assume that he will eventually become the superhero on the show, otherwise they could have just had him playing a new character. So we’ll just have to see how this pans out. But I hope it’s the start of something big.

What do YOU think?

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