MISTRESSES S2E06 “What Do You Really Want?”

Alyssa Milano (Savi), Rochelle Aytes (April), Yunjin Kim (Karen), Jes Macallan (Joss)

PREVIOUSLY: “Playing With Fire”

Gotta be really brief, because I have another early and busy day ahead of me.

I’m going to start with April’s story. I liked the conflict with her and Lucy, and how they resolved it at the end. The confrontation with Peyton’s mother was also intense and good. And that ending scene, where she smugly tells April about Daniel…ouch.

Joss’ best moments were talking to Savi about Harry, Dom, and Zak, and then her scenes talking to Harry trying to convince him to stay in America. I liked Harry’s sister, and the way she confronted Joss about Savi’s behavior and what she did to Harry. But it’s definitely clear that Scott is just a temporary love interest for Joss. They’re pushing that foot fetish thing, with him giving her a shoe necklace, but that’s just not a big deal. They’re totally going to put Joss and Harry together. Count on it.

Savi and Dom…I’m not sure where they’re going with this now. Despite the initial hints, so far we know that April and Zak’s friendship IS innocent, so are they really trying to break Savi and Dom up over a misunderstanding?

And Karen, so far she’s been a very boring call girl. She almost immediately gets into a pseudo-relationship with one of the first guy’s she picks up (Brian Hallisay as “Ben”)? How boring. The show should have at least given us 3 or 4 episodes of her actually working as a call girl, let’s see her in action, before she starts having second thoughts.

So, overall, average episode.

Although once again we got some good music. In the opening scene we had “Good Mistake” by Mr. Little Jeans.

And in the closing scene we had “Looking Too Closely” by Fink.

I love both songs. Whomever picks out the music for this series has incredible taste.

MISTRESSES airs Monday Nights @ 10pm on ABC
You can also watch episodes online via


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