I’m a big fan of the Halloween movies, at least the ones featuring Michael Myers. The best ones are the original film, then Part 4, and then H20, and the absolute WORST being Resurrection. I mostly enjoyed Rob Zombie’s Halloween, but was less happy with his sequel.

As of may, Dimension Films is still officially planning a sequel, but whether it will continue from Rob Zombie’s continuity, go back to the original continuity, or just start over again is unknown. But I was recently discussing these films with a friend on Facebook who enjoyed the Rob Zombie films more than I do, and it got me thinking. So, similar to how I’ve written about my ideas for a new Friday The 13th film and a sequel to Hancock, I thought I’d write down what I’d do for a new Halloween movie.

First, even though I wasn’t thrilled with it, I would pick up from the ending of Zombie’s Hallweeen 2, just so we could call this Halloween 3, and finally have a “Halloween 3” that actually features Michael Myers (unlike Halloween 3: Season of The Witch). I’d want to bring back Tyler Mane as Michael, although he could be replaced, since I wouldn’t be showing his face in this film, and Scout-Taylor Compton as Laurie, although it would just be for a small role. But the main actor that we really needed back is Brad Dourif as Sheriff Brackett, he’s very important. I wouldn’t do the film without him, because he’s crucial to what I have in mind.


See, my basic plan to do something a little different, this isn’t going to be the traditional Michael Myers stalks his victims story, I’d make this like a classic monster movie, with Michael as a modern-day Frankenstein. He’s the monster who is being hunted. And Sheriff Brackett is the hunter.

Look at what Brackett’s been through. He’d already lost his wife through unknown means (I don’t believe they ever mentioned if he was divorced or widowed, but he was currently a single parent) in the first Halloween, and had to find his daughter naked and covered in blood after being assaulted by Michael at the end of it. Thankfully she survived, and he took in Laurie Strode and tried to take care of the two of them together for the next 2 years, only to end up with his daughter being attacked by Michael again, and this time she’s dead, with Brackett once again finding her naked blood-covered body. That’s going to mess any man up. He also looses Laurie, when she’s shot at the end of the sequel and then ends up in the insane asylum. So Brackett is left with nothing. I’d reveal that in the 6 years since the events of the last film (presuming we were releasing Halloween 3 next year), Brackett has thrown himself into his work. With no family, he dedicates himself to cleaning up his city, eventually turning Haddonfield into one of the safest cities in the nation, bringing crime to an all-time low. Running his department like an elite military unit, it’s become a model for law enforcement officers throughout the nation. State and national politicians make public appearances with Brackett, seeking out his endorsement, to show that they’re “tough on crime.” To the outside world, including his department, Brackett is an effective no-nonsense lawman.

But inside he’s a broken man.

He lives alone, and when we see him going back to his home, it’s empty. Looking cold and sterile, with minimal furniture. There are no pictures on the walls, but we’ll see him pulling out some old photos from a nightstand and looking at them, pictures of him and Annie as a little girl and throughout her life, and he cries himself to sleep. Perhaps we could get Danielle Harris back for a brief cameo, to show Brackett dreaming of her still being alive and everything being normal, only to wake up to his empty house…

One thing Brackett’s also done since the last film is ban the public celebration of Halloween in Haddonfield. No trick-or-treating, costume parties or decorations at all. But now there’s a new mayor in town, a woman who could possibly be seen a potential love interest for Brackett, even though they initially clash when they first meet, as she’s a liberal who thinks he’s gone too far in enforcing the law (there have been some complaints of brutality against his department, which the local press covers up). And this new mayor decides to allow Halloween celebrations again, over Brackett’s objections.

Meanwhile, down at the Smith’s Grove Sanitarium…

Michael Myers survived getting shot (because of course he did), and has been in a coma ever since (Yes, I’m basically stealing the beginning of Halloween 4). As seen at the end of the last film, Laurie has been committed. She’s nuts, and mute. She hasn’t said a word in 6 years. One of the male orderlies has been having his way with her for awhile now. She doesn’t fight back, just lays there and goes along with it. But then on the night before Halloween the stupid orderly brings in a new Michael Myers mask that he bought, to try to scare her (y’know, thinking it’s “funny”). And when she sees him wearing it she freaks out, and starts fighting him, he tries to defend himself and hits her, causing her to fall, hit her head and die. Her death snaps Michael out of his coma, via their psychic connection, and he goes to her room, finds the orderly and kills him and takes the mask. Then he slaughters everyone who gets in his way and leaves the Sanitarium, headed for the city.

When Bracket finds out, he puts the city on lockdown, his deputies surround the city, not letting anyone in or out, he orders everyone to stay in their homes, and personally leads the manhunt for Michael. And that’s what the rest of this film is, Sheriff Brackett and his elite guard, armed to the teeth, hunting down Michael Myers. Like Ahab and Moby Dick, Brackett is determined to do whatever he has to in order to find and kill this monster for good. We’ll see that Haddonfield has a sewer system underneath it, which Michael is familiar with (from hiding down there as a kid) and that’s how Michael is able to evade them for most of the night. He pops up, kills someone, the deputies see him but he disappears before they can catch or shoot him.

When they finally realize he’s in the sewers Bracket orders his men to guard every manhole so Michael can’t get out, and he goes down there himself, determined to send that SOB to Hell where he belongs.

The final confrontation is Brackett vs. Michael punching and stabbing each other (despite his age, Brackett’s a tough guy, and fueled by thoughts of revenge, so he’s managing to hold his own against Michael…barely). We end with the sewers getting flushed out, while both men are in it. The next day the remaining Sheriffs are searching the tunnels and all they find are Michael’s mask and Brackett’s badge. THE END

I figure that ending leaves it open for the possibility of another sequel, while also closing the book in case they just reboot the franchise again after that.

So, that’s my general ideas, it would obviously need to be fleshed out more, adding characters and such. Anyone at Dimension Films reading this? Gimme a call!

What do YOU think?

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